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Quote: Originally Posted by 4agze Hi all just got my UM3X after much research for the most neutral IEM and am satisfied with the purchase Anyway does it requires "burn in"? Cheers +1 on being *very* neutral -- not tilted up or down. The only criticism I have read here at HF is very vague. "I don't smile"; "I don't grin". Hard to find credibility, objectivity or any legitimate audiophile description in this sketchy nonsense. Also, like...
Quote: Originally Posted by billybob_jcv The Altoids tin is perhaps the second most useful item in the universe (after a towel of course) You forgot duct tape.
"Bruto" ma bene! Good job -- I doubt whether those yobbos in the critics corner could do better.
I also had to change filters frequently with the ER6i's, but much less so with ER4's. It gets old, not to mention costly over time.
Don't forget that the impedance of a headphone or speaker is stated in terms of *nominal impedance*. In the real world, impedance swing is a critical factor in an amplifier's ability to drive things. For example, my first generation Martin Logan CLS's run from <4 ohms to 32 ohms (this is the nature of ESL's) -- an absolute beast to drive.. Subsequent versions of this will drop down to <1 ohm at 20kHtz but do not rise nearly as high (having a less severe swing). So in...
These have grown on me over the past month. They are not quite ER4's in terms of sound and build quality, but I think they get more than 80% there. The blue flanges are my choice for a good balance between comfort, isolation and sound quality. My only concern with these is that there is not much to hang onto when removing them and I think there is more stress on the cable compared to the ER4's. So far, so good though. At $99.00 these were very well priced.
How is QC on these?
I think a good amp is a practical first step. This way, should you move on to (or add) other 'phones you will already be set. By a "good amp", I am referring to something that does more than add gain on the cheap -- that gets old in a hurry, especially with highly resolving 'phones. Then go for the APS (which I will be doing soon with my 4S's).
Quote: Originally Posted by music_4321 ^^ I had the exact same experience where my UM3X did not benefit when paired with the P-51 Mustang + LOD. I have the opposite experience. Shar LOD from iPod Classic 120GB --> SR 71-A results in significantly less congestion, better imaging, tighter bass and an added slam factor. The same goes for TAH but to a lesser degree. FWIW, I am using the longer P-series Comply tips.
Backyard engineering at its finest.
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