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^^^^^ Thanks for the info. Ordered a set for my 880 '03's last night.
Passive pre-amp will work.
A big thumbs up for Uncle Erik. Great communication, excellent packing and shipped when promised. Item is exactly as describe. Highly recommended seller.
On the used market, you may be able to grab a Thorens TD160 Super in your price range -- it is a classic suspended table and has more upside than any of the bargain, non-suspended tables or DJ-type tables.
Velcro One-Wrap works well and has a finished, purpose-built look to it. Also check out the Tamrac 5692 digital camera bag -- holds my iPod Classic and SR71-A with LOD cable in the main compartment like it was custom made for the job and there is a separate zippered compartment that holds my IEM's. Cost was <$20; quality is top notch.
Medium Comply Tx-100's sound good to me and are a bit more robust. I am a long time Ety user and am actually afraid to use the long P series tips -- I get such good penetration and seal with these on my UM3X that one invariably gets stuck in my right ear no matter how careful I am during removal. No telling what would happen with my usual Ety insertion. Have you tried the Gliders yet? I recently got my sample pair and they are excellent with both ER4 and HF5.
The price points of both Opera's make them attractive for watching movies. Anyone using these other than with portable devices (via adapters)?
Quote: Originally Posted by mark2410 i find them crazy source dependant, unamped out of my ipod they really are rather good, certainly IE8 and 530 competition but still none of them are better than each other, just sideways steps. the 8 and 530 are much more stable, they sound more of less the same amped or not whereas the um3 changes dramatically how it sounds the only difference of significance id say would be the isolation. the westones isolate way...
What is the QC record with these? Seems like I have seen more than a few problems for a low volume, fringe company. I would like to try the RE0's, and despite the good CS reputation, do not want to get involved with sketchy QC. Can any "longer term" users provide feedback?
^^^^^ You know, I had the Grado extension cable years ago when I had Grado phones. You guys are probably right. Worked well then and will work fine now. Thanks. Funny you mentioned getting it off the ground -- I used to suspend my speaker cables on ceramic supports to keep them off the ground.
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