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Thank you.  I keep coming back to the V200 during this process.  Looks like the one for me if I do not go all-in on a Stax upgrade.  
  I happen to love the UM3X and I suspect our respective definitions of "natural" are quite different.  Having worn IEM's since the 90's and having gone through most design iterations I easily adjust to the difference between the presentation of headphones and IEM's.  Since IEM's themselves are brand new to you, I can understand possible difficulty in adjusting. They are not for everybody.    Based on what I have read here, maybe something as basic as the Shure SE-215...
Aside from the V200 and the Lyr (both of which I have been considering), I suspect the Audio Gd C-2.2 might be a good option for the HE-500's and Audeze. Fully discrete, more than enough power and it looks to be well built based on the internal shots on the website.  Any first hand experience with this one or its immediate predecessor?  
Congratulations. Very nice combination to my ears -- the 4R's and DT1350's plugged into the HP-P1 are my favorites for long haul travel.The HP-P1 also makes a nice front end paired with demanding phones and a more powerful amp, so you can get a lot of mileage out of it.  The family of AKM chipsets that Fostex is currently using are excellent. I am thinking of picking up an A3 for a USB transportable/desktop setup later this year.  
The only issue I have with my UM56's is the fact that they are tough to get out without the IEM and the tips becoming separated -- but I have this issue with many tip/IEM combinations. The filament "puller" could have been a little longer, but my audiologist told me upfront that they will break at some point.  So, no reason to send them back (although she did offer to do so).  Fit is fantastic.  Perfect seal and good comfort.  I will opt for full customs in the future....
Nice job with your comparo -- good read.
My 15" MBP late-2008/2009 did have the logic board fail about a year ago.  Apple Care turned it around in three days via FedEx to the service facility in Houston.  When it came back there was one wonky key, so they then replaced the keyboard, no questions asked.     On my 11" 2010 MBA I had a problem with insufficient output from one of the USB ports -- it was noisy when driving my UCube speakers.  They replaced the board for the bad port and, much to my surprise,...
Count me as coming in third.  Tats has never given me anything but stellar service.
  As soon a read this, I knew this was a train wreck in the making.  More like ZERO credibility than "ZERO comparison".  And limiting the comparison to that "great pair of IEM's" is pretty laughable. One would think that an industry vet would know better and have a better sense of breadth, depth and objectivity.  No knock on HRT, they do make extremely nice gear.  
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