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    I can really relate and sympathize with your situation.  Stax are the crack of headphones. When I compared the 507's to my 404's I thought there was a definite improvement on all amps and was ready to make the move.  Easy call. Then, immediately after the 507's, I listened the 007 Mk2's.   Wow, huge difference on all amps, like entering a whole new world.  I thought "now this is what it is all about" and was ready to go with the 007.     Enter the 009.  Forget a new...
Rope and duct tape always works for me. 
That really sucks that he is leaving you hanging.  What puzzles me is the actual damage -- it just doesn't seem too plausible that very isolated damage could occur from rough handling in transit with no other visible damage elsewhere on the headphone.  I noticed he had a couple of other less than satisfied buyers in his feedback FWIW.  Hope your claim with DHL works out.
Very good visualization cues for their respective signatures...  
Not only not the same ballpark -- these two phones are not even playing the same game in terms of space, detail and resolution.     Also, while I am not suggesting that Stax are best choice for the OP's apparent priorities, having lived with the SR-007 Mk2 for the past three weeks I can attest to the fact that they are anything but bass shy. They do not possess the same "slam" factor as LCD Rev2's I recently listened to, but they do play extremely deep and also deliver...
Can you provide details on the upgraded PS?  I have the Onkyo in a peripheral system and really like it for what it is. Always looking to tweak and squeeze out a little more...  Thanks.  
That will help with the claim.  Did the seller happen take pics before/after sealing up the package?  I have always done this with any gear that is worth anything.    
Is Kevin selling the *good* stuff from his stash to anyone now?  Used to be only customers who bought equipment from him could get the more difficult to find tubes.  I have done business with him for years -- great guy to do work with.  Tube prices can be a little high sometimes, but zero disappointments.
I have never had the compulsion and definitely lack the patience to burn in any component, but back in the day it was common to place new speakers face to face and "burn" them in with pink noise for weeks. Crazy stuff. 
  This is pretty much standard operating procedure -- not using a block is likely the cause of the looseness in one ear.
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