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  Good to know --- just in case.  Some tube amps allow switching from triode to pentode operation on the fly (great for curious tweakers) which is what prompted my questions in the first place.  If I do wind up getting a V200, I will err on the side of being cautious nonetheless.
Seems like such a sweet amp!
Silver IC's are more lively, brighter and clear; copper IC's are anything from smoother to duller sounding.  I have played around with these for years on my turntable, pre-amp, and DAC's.   I have not experimented with different materials with my ESL speaker cables, focusing instead on capacitance and resistance.
I also have no idea about how material and geometry changes will work with the HE-500.  The stock cable gives me "the fear" and frustration about how easily it kinks under normal circumstances.     In my main system I have been switching between DL-III/Cullen-IV and Resolution Audio Quantum DAC when going digital.   Amps have been Meier Concerto, Channel Islands VHP-1/VAC-1 and Opera Consonance Cyber 20.  The best sounding amp is gone -- that was a Manley Stingray II that...
    Highly unlikely.  The one I returned had the same issues (and then some). I went through the same drills in getting it to work properly on an intermittent basis.  I attribute it to a shoddy build by a new ODM and rushing to market.  
The original cable is a piece of junk construction wise, so worst case scenario is a pre-emptive strike.  In my main audio system, there are clearly audible differences between copper and silver interconnects so I decided to see what gives with the HE-500's.  I already have loads of tubes to roll.
I haven't measured my HE-500's but I have found full range planar speakers to be very even in terms of impedance, albeit they present a challenge for amps due to consistently low impedance.  Add a ribbon to the mix and there are significant impedance swings, but not nearly as wild as ESL's.  An educated guess bets that planar headphones must be pretty even.
Thank you.
Can the gain dip switches be changed on the fly (with the volume turned all the way down) or does it have to be powered down? 
I ordered that exact same cable over the weekend.  I get the feeling that silver may not be the best material match for HE-500's and want to try copper flavor.  Plus, the HFM cables kink like crazy and there is sketchy integrity at the connector stress points as others have pointed out.    
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