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Too bad they didn't implement one single ended and one balanced headphone input.  By way of comparison, what Bryston has done with their new amp seems brilliant.
    You have got to be kidding.  Could you possibly be more off target and more incoherent?
  Are you referring to the nylon/fake-ballistic case?   It is very, very pedestrian.  
Mine came during a stint with a professional cycling team in Italy. In those days I was an accomplished sprinter and did not think twice about crossing wheels or shooting an elbow.  Hence, "Il Mostro".  
      You don't know what you don't know.
Thank you.
Man, you went yard on your first purchase!   No personal experience with these beasts, but I have read here at Head-Fi that speaker taps are one of the preferred ways of feeding them.  There should be ample info here, so it is worth some searching.
The headphones or the condoms?
I am thinking about ordering Stax 'phones from Kaneda and am wondering what experiences USA buyers have had with Customs duty.  Is there duty on electronics and, if so, what is the rate?  I have purchased many watches and other items from Japan and never had to pay duty -- should I expect more of the same?  Thanks in advance.  
And a reasonably priced one at that.
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