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Posts by Il Mostro   I am guessing Head Room might have a more accurate and credible take on this than you.
Shure SE-215 might float your boat.  Definitely worth looking into given your budget and wish list.
Seems like a good time for me to cool my Violectric jets  -- and wait for anything new that is coming down the pike.
    Yeah, if that's what you were going for I need to withdraw the "schitty idea" comment.  I am all about transparency with Stax and full size speakers systems, but there is no reason not to shoot for a different flavor.  
    That doesn't say much for the transparency, or lack thereof, of the WEE.  Your Cary is a nice, *sweet* sounding little integated amp whether in triode or ultra-ilnear modes  -- but a long ,long way from being anywhere near transparent.  So no surprise in the sameness to your ears.  Don't get me wrong, KT88's are among my favorite tubes. And I am certainly not saying your SLI-80 is a limp dick amp.   But even pairing SR-007's plus adapter with big balls amps --...
      Your Cary is a sweet little integrated -- I love me some KT88's.
    ROTFLMAO.  You dragged it out of me,    I am not a fan of transformers in front of something as wonderful as Stax Omegas.  This is always the stranglehold, even when using a very good quality power amp, let alone something "decent".  The 007 Mk2's are very demanding -- I am not saying they do not still sound good if not fed properly, but they will come nowhere close to their potential if shortchanged even a little.   This is my dilemma, after using them for a few...
    Minty, pre-loved HD600 would be a great sounding choice -- and you will still keep a few bucks in your pocket.  Search here at Head-Fi and elsewhere -- these are absolutely wonderful all-around 'phones and a tremendous bargain these days.
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