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The word that comes to mind regarding the HE-400's bass is "ripe".  I would not describe them as being overly flabby, but they are quite rounded out.  
I think you will find the 007t to be very sympatico with your new headphones.  
  With the 3 gain levels (and there is a very discernible difference between each) I have found it works great with every headphone impedance I threw at it, including my RS2's.
    If I had to pick a single go-to exercise it would be Tabata-method high intensity intervals based on kettle bell swings. I am all about functional strength these days.  Running consists of sprints and intervals.  Some explosive lateral movement while being anchored/tethered with resistance bands.  I add sandbags, medicine ball and TRX suspension training to round things out.  No machines and nothing that is not a compound movement.  Everything base on HTT which is not...
For me, still doing a little bit of free weights  -- but mostly truly functional strength with Russian kettle bells.  
      Nice set up. You really hit the nail on the head with the bolded portion of the quote.  Clever use of the TV, too.    
I have spent many thousands of dollars on a wide array of products from Amazon over the years and have had exactly zero problems or issues.  
    I have always thought that the 57's delivered mids better than any speaker I have ever heard -- a properly re-built pair of these are the perfect focal point of a smaller, limited LF system.  I have always wondered how they would scale up if stacked, as is fairly common with the 63's.
    I was under the impression that all three implemented the Zetex chipsets -- not sure if there are minor variants in the family, as with the AKM 43XX/44XX's.  I have little knowledge on this line other than the fact that the Zetex are reportedly a different animal and great performers.
    Have you listened to the C390DD at all?  I am curious how the DAC in this Swiss Army knife performs in comparison to the M51.    
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