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I am really enjoying the RE300a's with my OnePlus One.  They are a perfect match for the 256-320kbps source material I listen to on my phone.  Do they compare to my road rig (160GB iPod ALAC -> Fostex HP-P1 -> RSA SR-71A -> Westone 4's/ 1962 Ears customs/Beyer DT1350's)?  No.  But they are just about a perfect match with my phone, its source material and audio capability.   Crazy good comfort and just the right amount of isolation for day to day use.  If I am on a plane...
I have not checked in here for a while, but wanted to check out the RE300 reviews, since I wanted to pick up a pair of cheap IEM's with an inline controller.  Nice to see that there is a fresh crop of ass-hats splitting hairs and clinging to their inflexible opinions like grim death.  Over the most pedestrian gear, no less.  
  This is a real beauty that brings back fond memories.  LP12 (Trampolin) was a wonderfully colored TT to my ears.  Lovely stuff that never goes out of style either visually or sonically. 
  Love it -- especially after Brooks re-wired in silver.  IMO, it is THE tonearm for this turntable.
  My humble Oracle MkIII, SME IV arm and wood body Benz cartridge.  This was the very last upgrade done by the late, and ever so great, Brooks Berdan.
W-4's UM3X, ESW9's and DT1350's (among others) hardly sound bad...good CIEM's will blow your doors (and expectations) off.
Bump for some of the best amps ever.  Sold mine, much to my regret.  Jump on these if you are serious about two-channel audio.     Edit:  Love the Captain Beefheart avatar...
As any good audio designer will tell you, implementation is more important than the hardware.  The whole Wolfson thing is blown way out of proportion by those who don't know what they don't know.  In well designed circuits, with all factors being equal, the latest AKM and Sabre chips, spank the living snot out of Wolfson.  
Don't let facts get in the way... Romney left Bain in 1999.  He sold 100% of his ownership position to his partners in 2001.  The Denon/Marantz deal closed in 2008.  All very old news and not connected in any way, shape or form.
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