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Saving up for the MOJO.
Selling - An almost new Fiio E12A.   Item Description Best description is on the manufacture's website: http://fiio.net/en/products/33   Condition - Excellent, good as new.   Bundled accessories - Everything that came in the original packaging (which is also included) - See attached pictures for details.   Payment - via PayPal   Shipment - World-Wide. - Registered , Fast and tracked.   Not responsible for Either TAX, TAARIF or VAT which your country...
For Sale Audio Technica A900x audiophile closed headphones   Condition Like new. no scratches   Including Everything you see on the attached pictures   Shipment world-wide. anywhere. - PayPal fees are on me, But if you want express shipment (7 days), you will have to add some extra.   Contact info. Head-Fi: Private Message GMail: eyal1983@gmail.com FB: 0545928784   Disclaimer - i'm not responsible for any income VAT/TAX/TAARIF your country may...
Thought about it... I just heard too many not-so-good things about "Tesla"...
The AMP was a BCL clone:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Finished-E-01-headphone-amplifier-base-on-Lehmann-audio-headphone-amp-L153-14-/111649037299?hash=item19fecd1bf3:g:ryQAAOSw34FVCZ1p   DAC ?  ah... I don't remember. maybe an ODAC (v1).
Had the K702  not as life-like.   The timbre was a bit off. it was analytical and accurate, bass-shy . the sound was too dry. I don't like thin notes (I really like my HD598, but some refinement is missing).
Price much too high... and, weight.   The HE-560 is too detailed. i'm looking into a more forgiving HP.
Guys, is there anything with the same refinement ("real like-like sound"), but LESS bass amount than the T1? - The HD800 has too much of a recessed mids (and i'm a "mid-range lover")   thanks...
Excellent condition.  - Original packaging. included. - Micro-USB cable included - "legs" included (see pictures). - only good reviews all over the net.   Link to manufacture site (for specs / ...): http://www.leckertonaudio.com/products/uha760   - feel free to contact me with any question.   Disclaimer - i'm not responsible for any income VAT/TAX/TAARIF your country may have.   Shipping world-wide     thanks, - Eyal.
Selling mine, here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/807316/fs-leckerton-audio-uha-6s-mkii-dac-amp
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