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As a DAC, it uses the highly regarded Sabre ESS ES9023 chip. As an AMP - It can serve also as a pretty decent sounding amp. for many not so power hungry headphones (starting at 32 ohm and above)   shipping WW of course. accepting PayPal   feel free to ask questions and to inquire.   PM or Email only please   thanks, /Eyal
Who's it for? If you're one of those Audiophiles who prefer to use small amps. or even just a normal everyday's player (Clip / Cellphone), or if you just want excellent SQ for a small price - this is the one for you.   Character Smooth treble, yummy mids, and not too bassy bass.   Condition Their condition is like-new were used for ~10 hours   Accessories Comes in the original box with all the accessories (see pictures for elaboration)   Shipment and...
I'm done with Etys, So I decided to sell all of my stuff in the pictures, you can see the exact model of what it is that i'm selling.   I'm not sure about my price if you buy it all - you get a BIG discount and if you just want a specific 2$ stuff.. well, i'm not sure that can even be done.   anyways, contact me ! PM or Email   Pictures here   thanks, /Eyal[]=2961&scale=15   NOT mid-centric
Shure SE215 for sure its sound quality is higher it isolates better and it is SHURE :)
 It is...I bought it on eBay
I can speak for the ER4S, because I had it for a long time. It is the most neutral IEM I have ever heard. and it's possibly the most neutral headphone on the planet.   Just use the search function to search for reviews, on either the ER4B and the UE900.
Philips Fidelio X1
You guys just convinced me to try this little toy... ordered :)
OMG   moorashj yes, the E12 will give you a "basshead" bass.. if you adore bass - this is just fine   as for Eric...  I just can't say it :(   BTW Sennheiser IE80 is a better "bass IEM" than the Tenores.
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