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I'm putting my Denon D7000 headphones up for sale   These discontinued headphones have not been modified and are all original/stock.    The headphones and ear pads are in Excellent condition. I'd conservatively rate them as a 9 out of 10.    Functionally they are perfect with no issues.      Included is:   Denon AH-D7000 Headphones Denon AH-D7000 Leather box  Manual, Cleaning Cloth, Warranty Card     Asking $800 + Shipping CONUS and Paypal
With my Stax rig being used 90% of the time recently, I'm looking to sell my Beta-22.      This Beta-22 was built by Head-fi 'Member of the Trade', oneplustwo   This is the 3-Channel version with two RCA Inputs and Nichicon Muze KZ Caps used throughout.    The component cost is higher than this asking price.   I've used it for a total of about 100 hours total. Gain is set to 8 and the voltage is 110V   This amp does extremely well with high impedence, power...
I'm looking for an AMB M^3 with bass boost, send me a PM with price and condition if you have one to sell   Cheers!
I'm looking to compare the Vorzuge VorzAMP Duo against my Lisa III   If you have one for sale, send me a message with price and condition   Cheers!
I am looking to give the Arrow 5TX with enhanced bass a try against my Lisa III amp   Please contact me with price if you have one you'd like to sell   Cheers!
Still searching!
I'm looking for a high quality USB cable for my Sony ZX1 Walkman. The shorter the length, the better.    If you have one to sell, drop me a PM!
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