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I'm assuming this is the non-FP version, but from what I've read on Head-fi, the difference between the FP and non-FP too small to be able to tell the difference. 
Apparently I had 'impacted earwax' and would need to see a professional before being able to take impressions. The cost to see a professional and get them reshelled was too expensive. 
I purchased the JH Audio JH16Pro 2 weeks ago and went to an Audiologist last week to take ear impressions for reshelling. Unfortunately, the Audiologist told me that I am not a good candidate for CIEMs and I should go with a universal fit IEM. Therefore, I'm selling the JH16Pro.  Included is: JH16Prox3 DIY ear impression kitsComply Custom Foam Wraps  Asking $550 shipped CONUS + Paypal (or gift)  Drop me a PM if you have any questions!
I'm looking to try out the Rudistor RPX-33 amplifier (110V)   If you have one for sale, please send me a PM   Cheers!
I've been using my Lisa III portable amp with my IEMs recently.    As a result, I'd like to sell my M^3 amplifier with Sigma 11 PSU.   This beautiful amplifier was built by naamanf and has zebra wood front/rear panels.      More information:   "This M³ is housed in two Hammond 1455T2201BK cases with special zebra wood front/rear panels and knobs made by naamanf. The amplifier features mostly default recommended parts except for Black Gate and Muse KZ capacitors....
I'm looking to try out the JH Audio Roxanne Universal fit.    If you have one for sale, drop me a PM  Thanks!
Still looking for this IEM!
I'm interested in exploring the high-end IEM category, and would like to try the JH-16 Pro IEM.   If you have one you'd like to sell, PM with price and condition   Thanks! 
I'm planning on buying a new electrostatic amp soon (KGSSHV), and need to free up some funds.    Therefore, I'll be selling my Fostex TH900   I had these professionally recabled (1/8" plug with 3.75 ft cable) for use with my Triad L3 portable amp. I will include the original cable as well just in case the owner would like to switch back.    All original accessories are included. This includes the headphone stand, manual, and original boxes.    The condition is near...
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