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Hi cerbie and thanks for your thoughts! The HD headphones from AKG appear to be on the market for 8 months or so..but I cant find one lousy review on them anywhere What I read, is that they're overprised for what they sound..but they look so damn sexy What I also read somwhere else, is that the 240 MKII have the exact same technology inside as the 242 HD..so it goes like AKG K272 HD = K271 MKII = K271; K242 HD = K240 MKII = K240 etc Im not going to buy them unless I...
So nobody of you guys have tested or listened to the new AKG HD Headphones so far? Or do they really sound like the old 240 (gold edition) ones? Unfortunately I cant test them anywhere, so I would be really glad if someone could say something about those 242 HD or 141 HD. To whom would you recommend those AKG HD headphones? Are they ok for personal use on home hi-fi amps and portable devices? Chers
Hi guys..first post here (lovely smileys you got here) I wonder if the AKG 242 HD (which are the replacement for the K240 MKII right?) are studio headphones? I mean the old K 242 were marked as studio headphones weren't they? I saw them today in a big electronics store and they looked quite nice (could have them for 200$). Unforunately I couldn't listen to them because they still were boxed and sealed. Did anyone of you already make any good (or bad) experiences with...
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