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  Hey all,   I couldn't find much with regards to my problem so here goes. I have quite a few 24 bit albums that I would like to have in my ipod. The problem of course being that Ipods do not support 24 bit. Now, I have all of these songs in ALAC format in my Itunes library already. I have several conversion programs I could use (dbpoweramp, max, xld). I never really figured that the bitrate really matters above 256kbs, but after converting these songs to mp3 lame...
From my understanding, I thought that the knob controlled the preamp for the duet and not just the computer volume. Does the software also control the preamp volume? 
I'm definitely in! I'm in Shanghai, and I'll ship anywhere.
I'm thinking of creating a very lightweight and portable set up   does anyone know of a amp that is as small as the new ipod nano?
if i plugged this dac via usb to my laptop, would i sitll need a headphone amp? what about a preamp?
I really don't recommend any of the ue's as comfortable or shallow fit. apart from the lower end models and the super fi 5 (non pro). in fact the earphones you wanted to try i find are not comfortable whatsoever.
Please pm me if you would like to sell me a low profile ipod lod. The smaller the better.
Here's a little trick I learned from my mother that I find relevant. I learned it when I was a little kid. If you guys bought a pair of these at a higher price from a different store, you can always buy a pair from dell and return it to the shop you previously bought it from with their original receipt and all.
thanks i found this guide really helpful, but is there any possible way you could add the pictures again?
i want to start a darkroom in the basement. where would i be able to buy an enlarger etc?
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