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I could use the speaker inputs on the subwoofer, however I'd like this to be more universal if I end up using a different subwoofer.  IIRC the trafo is a 22+22 VAC, so ~ 32 VDC is what I have readily available within the amp.  I could also build a small voltage regulator to drop the voltage...
If I understand correctly, then I want something like this:     Any recommendations on a simple buffer circuit?
  That was my concern...     The subwoofer has its own gain setting and two inputs (line & speaker level, left/right).  Yes, the gainclone is in a stereo configuration.
I built a Gainclone amp a while ago to power a set of full-range speakers.  Now I'd like to add a separate subwoofer.  Is it possible to use the Bantam DAC as the source for two amplifiers.   The gainclone uses the Bantam DAC as the Input > 10k pot > stereo amplifier       I was thinking of tapping into the signal, post the 10k pot (to maintain volume of both amps with one pot) and send the signal to another amplifier. I was looking at using this powered...
bump, for any recommendations other than Qables.
  Thanks for the feedback everyone!      My goal is to keep the board single sided and the V.2 the top trace was going to be a jumper. A ground plane sounds like a great idea.     I really can't visualize how moving C2 would allow for all the traces to be on 1 side.  I'll experiment with the component locations some more.   Yeah, off-road use only... which is pretty true since I mostly track the car anyways.   Other than having two "separate" loads which would be the...
This was my first time using Eagle, and I created this circuit/board.  The circuit is used in a vehicle's emissions system.  When power is NOT applied to the relay, the O2 sensor signal comes in and then out to the DME.  However when power IS applied, a 200 mV signal (through the potentiometer) is generated and sent to the DME (instead of the O2 signal).  Trying to keep it small, currently fits on a 2x2" board and will be fitted to a plastic project box.   Opinions...
Agree, either is shorted internally and toast or you have it mis-wired.
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