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Thanks for the explanation. So in this case then, using a power amp with a high output impedance might sound "bad" and one might incorrectly attribute the frequency imbalance resulting from impedance problems to a lack of power, and thus opamps.  
  In my understanding - and I know little about EE type stuff, I'm just repeating what I've read - having a high output impedance amplifier would amplify the low frequencies around that 100hz hump. Feel free to correct me if you have a better explanation.  
    I was saying that if a headphone's impedance varies by frequency, then a high output impedance amp can affect frequency balance. For example, here's one for the HD800 - which many people prefer with output impedance adapters to add bass.  
I have the newest version of the headband and indeed there is a bit of a tendency to slip if I'm looking down to read and so on. Nothing too bad, I just push the headband farther back on my head.   And with regard to power amps and headphones, the main reason to believe they sound bad is that some have high output impedance and that can make many dynamics sound muddy, depending on how their impedance varies by frequency.
Just some info. There's a thread on head-fi that you can find if you search that investigates the source for the 1/4" jack on amps. The vast majority of amps' 1/4" jacks are driven from the main power supply with resistors, meaning they have plenty of power. A few amps use op-amps to get lower output impedance for low impedance phones. There is still the issue that an amp can have a high output impedance, which could be problematic for dynamic phones, but the LCD-2 are...
So I've been listening to my new pair of LCD-2s for a few days now and have, overall, a very positive opinion. Countless people have offered opinions so I'll keep them very brief for now.   I expected the LCD-2 to be fast and transparent, but I have to say they really impressed me in this regard especially. The only headphone I've heard that is equally good in this area is the Stax O2 Mk1. The transparency of the HD-800 is probably slightly lower, if I can trust my...
  [semi-off-topic] No offense intended, but the AD2000 sound fast mostly because of the upper-mids emphasis. They don't have anywhere near the speed of Stax setups. I owned a pair of AD2000 for around a year and enjoyed them, but I don't think they're in the same league as the O2 and similar headphones.   Also, I use a pair of JH13 as my main headphones now so I should be able to do a comparative review of them vs the LCD-2's within a month or two.
January 14th and I just got my order page.
I would like to come, this will be my first norcal meet and I'd love to hear some of the releases since my last meet around a year ago.   The only full-size phones I have at the moment are my hd-25 and DT250 (doubt my lcd-2 will have arrived by the meet) so I'll bring them along, and if for some wants to volunteer to let me toss my headphones by his/her rig, that would be great.
Now come on, there are plenty of educated and well-informed users who prefer high-end dynamics to electrostats. I personally prefer the O2 Mk1 to any dynamic around, but that's just my taste, and I do not think they are technically superior to a few of the top-tier dynamics.
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