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The E10C is available from Hifiheadphones in the UK and we ship internationally - http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=e10c
We've been giving the samples we received of these IEMs a good listen since they arrived and have been rather impressed by the way they sound.  The new Aurisonics range makes complete sense and sound is nicely balanced throughout.  Fans of the massively bass heavy ASG 2.5 will be disappointed, but those after something more refined are in for a treat.  Aurisonics seem to have put all their learning from the ASG range into the Bravo series and the result is IEMs that are...
@mark2410 Nice review!  We're loving your style.   @davidcotton We just checked our pricing and we messed up this end.  We had the wrong RRP set by the distributor.  The ASG 2.5 should have an RRP in the UK of £639.  We've updated it on our site:  http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/aurisonics-asg-2-5-triple-drivers-iem-earphones-with-replaceable-cable-polished-red.html   Just checking with Aurisonics and it seems that Thomann did buy some stock from a distributor in...
Our experience with the ES20 is that it's very impressive indeed.  The ES20 is much more neutral and better controlled than the ES18.  The ES18 is a fun sounding earphone, but aimed at the mainstream with a big powerful bass.  The ES20 is a more grown up headphone.   The ES20 did have some quality problems early on, but for the last six months or so they revised the design so that it snaps together and does not only rely on glue.  The ES20's cable is also much higher...
Here's an interesting video with a summary of the ports on the PAW 5000:  
Thanks for the correction technobear.  No deliberate misleading going on, just a mistake when we created the page.  The product page was created before we had access to a physical sample and the PAW 5000's big brother (the PAW Gold) does support full size cards.  There was probably a bit of copy and paste going on there when the page was created!   Our product page for the PAW 5000 is now updated.
Yes, nice detailed review.  Nice work Zelda.  I agree, these earphones really are something special.  Tony Xu at SoundMAGIC is a master at product design and acoustics and he's turned up trumps with these two new models.   Tony and the team at SoundMAGIC have been hard at work for the last year and half working on new products.  The E50 and E80 are part of new range of products due this year.  They've also just released a bluetooth on-ear (BT20), which sounds amazing for...
 Hifiheadphones ships Worldwide, including the USA.  See http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/delivery-information
We've just created a video on how to setup wireless headphones that we hope will help you choose the best wireless headphones.   Please comment on the video and let us know what you think.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLRf9qWQ_PE
Another one to throw in the mix is the Final Audio Design Pandora IV.   The Pandora IV is a closed back design that is easy to drive and is just a little bit more expensive than the B&W P7.  I would say the Pandora IV is a worthy alternative to the B&W P7.
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