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Another vote for Jaga Jazzist.  Also I have been enamored by The Claudia Quintet and Kneebody,  both bands flexing some progressive muscle.  
Bought a mini to mini interconnect from musicmaker/Manu. Great to deal with, smooth transaction.
pm sent
I was at Primus Audio a couple weeks ago and they had a Simaudio player for around $2k that sounded good to my relaxed preferences. I think it was the Equinox. I would love to hear the Raysonic 128.
Go indie, support local businesses. I use Real Records and The Record Collector, both in Iowa City. At Real they usually can order whatever you want and have it in within a couple of days.
AMG's review on the latest album sums them up well:
I dont get to CMG much and maybe should because one of the major flaws with the Pitchfork list is the lack of Subtel's album... which made numero uno at CMG. However both sites number ones are very good.
Fortunately voices rarely impede my musical enjoyment. Blood Brothers, ISIS, Converge... all good. As far as ISIS goes they friggin rock. The new album is a bit calculated with less emotion than Panapticon or Oceanic imo (havnt heard their older stuff yet). But still great. Cant wait to see them live. The previously mentioned Jesu and Pelican are also very good. I think ISIS and Converge are tops in their respective genres.
Well the Equinox is worth the price of admission and the long wait. Fantastic balance, resolution and construction. I only have the stock cable for comparison and there is no contest. The stock cable chokes off the sound big time versus the Equinox. Burn in time was about 125 hours.
Accord or Civic for good mpg and low maintenance. Accord has more power, Civic gets better gas mileage.
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