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No surprise here. Warranty issue would be one of flaw we may see. No matter how good it sounds, it is not the first time I hear they deal with repair issue slowly. I am glad some one step up when they have problem, it surly put a flag to possible buyer in spite of entirely possible feedback made by fanboy here.   Glad mine is working flawless after a few months, I would just sell it with lower price when it has problem since it don't make sense to me to wait forever for...
Funny thing is if you look at the ad from buy.com, they apparently say 2 years warranty period. That is obviously misleading
@XtT   Quick question. Did you try to turn bass knob to 5. For me,  the bass impact is quite different from 1 to 5. As far as i know, the fake one should make no difference for your setting with knob
  Hey, just for reference. I got IE8 and X10 back than. According to my memory, IE8 bass was absolutely stronger than X10 no matter how shallow your insertion is.
Cool. It is very nice of you. I owned a legit pair when IE8 launched, I sill feel it still stay a very firm place in my own rating after I went through a few pair of top tier IEM
lol....i was talking to myself.Don't worry, you are good.   Keep us updated please.   In fact I want to grab one from dakmart too
Forget it.........just ask a question I found the answer on my own
Yea, me too. I will suggest XtT to contact sennheiser first to see if they offer free shipping to let him ship that back to sennheiser for speculation.   IE8 is tad dark before burning and its sound signature is not for everyone
UK headfier "must buy" item if month ^^
Thx!!   I already got 16gb few months ago   Mod pls close it  
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