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Just a blurry photo...........Westone 3 indeed
No worries.100% fake~
Good to know, hope I am the second one
Photo? Seller could capture the real picture from other places headfi^^   Proof of authenticity? He would  tell you it is imported from somewhere far away and he would give his word it is "100%" real^^   No point doing that. Just know the fact that you cant buy real MTPC on ebay is enough for me
Hmn, cant say I agree with you. From your response, I think I see the reason why there are people still buying those bootleg MTPC on ebay even it is obviously fake. Do you think it is coincide most of ebay sellers selling MTPC at much lower price ?  All of them are coming from stolen goods?    
There is no much room to discuss on this topic anymore. Don't buy it. When you see the price is too good to be true, it is fake.   You almost cant find real MTPC in ebay. First, most of the them don't come with warranty from Monster. If so it  is 99% fake already.............
  I can tell you if you bought it from hong kong at this price , it is 100% fake. IE 8 is selling like 350USD  in legit Hong Kong  retailer shop as far as I know. The cheapest IE 8 you can find in Hong Kong is the the import from non legal distributor which still costs you around 300 USD. Yes, IE8 in Hong Kong is not cheap, so as other headphone products. You may have wrong impression which products coming from Asia should be cheaper, normally it is true but you can not...
I assume you are talking about portable recorder which I owned one few months ago   There is no fake m10 around as far as I know.   Mine was coming from I was not impressed at the quality it offered either. Pretty much overrated .
Dar_T bought my UM3X, everything is smooth and swift..
  Fake................No one would sell genuine IE8 that cheap  
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