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Haven't visited Headfi for a long time, 601 seems to be a very good player to me. A few question before I pull the trigger, does it allow to sort music by album/ singer? Does it display album art?   Anyone know how long ti  takes to ship to Canada?
cool thanks
Located at  Canada, Ontario   Let me know you got one
From the detail provided by Sennheiser , it only tells me a slight change to capsule/ headband design   any audible difference between two of them?
Still looking for one
Thanks for rawster and Dannish, I guess I have to try my luck at FS forum then
Don't want to hijack the thread, where could I buy brand new JE900 under 100 now?
Friendly remind. 250 would be fair offer
Located at Canada. Headups : Shipping to Canada would be less than 10. Thanks 
Just ordered one, Thanks for remind. It is cheap!!!
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