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hi, love your generosity
  No offense. Just my humble opinion, every IEM would go through love and hate cycle no matter how, it sounds like to me Re-262 still do not pass the initial phase - praise yet. Just like SM3, once it had absolute positive comment all over forum   After all, people jut perceive thing differently. Guys, just give Joker a break
Make sure you understand S:FLO2 is just a rebrand product from other company. I am not so sure about where  is MidNit coming , but I am going to take wild guess Sq difference between 2 of them would be huge
Up for sale is few months old S:FLO2 16GB which is working perfectly fine without any scratch on the surface.   It is coming with box, wall charger, car charger and S:FLO2 itself   Asking for 135USD shipped to Canada/ USA   Buyers from the rest of world would have to contact for shipping fee information   You can find my headfi feedback in here   Thanks !!!
Believe it or not, I don't even think there is any portable player in market having completely flat frequency response.   Leander, you  are better off considering what sound signature you are looking for and what you concerns most. As far as I know, 601 is pretty vocal,oriented with mellow and lack back presentation. The bottom line, you want a bright sound signature, that is not your cup of tea.   After that, take a look of your inventory,  601 is good at...
After going through the review of my previous IEM, I cant help thinking why you had so similar opinion as mine?   Like Denon 710, I has certainly no idea why the hype is coming from .............   Good work !!!!   Give me some guidance since I haven't visited here for a pretty long time
That is why I said W4 is better off having 2 driver of mid range instead of 2 drivers of bass......since W3 mid was quite inferior to UM3X
could it be better to add one more driver on Mid range? From what I heard, W3 needs a mid range driver to become one step closer to perfection since W3 bass is pretty overwhelmed already
Cowon X5 is kind of old player., even I heard its SQ is pretty good though.I would say you can order 601, the wost condition it provides 30 days return.........
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