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Don't get so serious. 2 posts member ? May be he was just joking around
I placed the order on 29 Dec, they just shipped out yesterday. It took 1 weeks to process the order, I guess it suffered from holiday season
I doubt that, I guess I am not the first one point out this. Just like Confispect said. I like pretty warm sound, UM3X and Sony X is just too dark for my taste. In fact, I think Sony X needs some brighter IEM to shine, like EQ7 if you don't want micro detail being drowned   No offense, just want to share the potential problem to others   Happy listening !!!
Hmn, I got UM3x paring with Sony X few months ago. Considering vocal alone, I think the sound is way too dull because of warm sound signature of SonyX. I would doubt SM3 would pair it well
Sorry about skepticism. Is this deal legit? or just another way of some bootleg pretending to be authentic one   We all know how many fake products for monster around at the market
I surly wont take risk of dismantling UM3X and put it into unknown guys hand for adding up 3 drivers. Simple rule for me, it takes a lot of skill to fine tune sound during remoulding and this is no way back if something goes wrong. Also, it is no guarantee you like the sound after all, what you have read it is not always true.   For me, it doesn't not worth the trouble to make my universal to custom UNLESS you have a fit problem with it. You better off saving up a for...
  Joe,you just arouse my interest on 601 when you think it is step up compared to imod.I used to own imod+amp, it easily trumps all other DAP I owned. I definitely gonna try it out even it eventually may not pair well with sm3.   Thanks
  I don't feel it too warm with right tips and pairing with S:FLO2 now. It sounds decent,  it takes a little time to find the best sound out of it by changing with tips.   Thanks joe, one more quick question, do you think I should stick with S:FLO2?
  Hmn, any chance we can get similar deal soon^^
Got sm3, it sounds pretty decent with S:FLO2. Anyone know the synergy between SM3 and Hifi 601? Heard 601 is pretty warm.
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