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Owned less than1 year. The box and all accessories included. Receipt from authorized dealer is attached for warranty purpose. IEM itself is working perfectly   Asking for 370USD shipped to Canada/ USA   My feedback    
How is SQ after installing everything ? I noticed you owned lot of high end rigs before like UM3X, J3, HM601. Do you think it is better than them in term of SQ alone?      
  As far as i know, this company never produces any high quality dedicated music device until it comes to S:FLO2,  personally I wont get my hopes up for any devices made before S:FLO2. I also believe the SQ difference is huge. From comparison of players I ever owned, S:FLO2 stands a very solid place even competing with other high end players which cost 100 bucks more than it.        
Mint Cowon J3 with cable and original packing. There is screen protector at the front side and no scratch at the back.   Selling 150USD to Canada/ USA   Feedback
I am using flat in J3, never a big fan of eq. After spending ton of times for setting up eq, I still could not find any setting would reproduce a natural sound I pursue for, especially after turning on BEE. For me, non- eq is the best.   Seriously, sansa clips+ is quite underrated here.  J3 is just slighter better than clips+( both non eq, WAV format only)   Besides, in terms of vocal alone, SFLO2 really shines. If you factor in any player needs amp to drive, IMOD is...
absolutely a downgrade
best buy is now selling them
Located at canada. Would like to buy from Canada/ USA   Thanks
Located at Canada. Like to buy one from canada/ USA
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