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Mine took a couple weeks, it's worth the wait. I just assumed it would take a month and then was happy when it came in sooner than that. I paid less than $8 for mine. 
I'm running the Gungnir single ended rather than balanced and it STILL beat out the Bryston DAC (and the Bryston is very good) in my system. I wouldn't worry about it at all, if your system can be run with all balanced cables then give it a try and see which way YOU prefer it, if not, don't worry about it. Enjoy your music and try to forget about the gear, easier said than done I know, but too much focus on the gear (once you have your system together) can steal some of...
Sorry, didn't realize that the month free was only outside of the U.S. 
Same question? Would LOVE one-month free trial!
Best to post that in the For Sale / Trade section of the forum rather than here. I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling your X3 if reasonably priced. 
 No, I haven't, I'll have to look them up. I'd keep that on the down-low though as before you know it someone will ask Schiit to add multicolored bubbles to the front of their cases.   Hey everybody, enjoy your weekend! 
My E12 has been used for hundreds of hours and sounds great with full-size headphones like the HE-400&500's. It's a powerful, portable amp but to my ears (with my headphones) the bass can be too much with the Bass Boost enabled and I feel that it can bleed into the midrange. I'm not sure if you're asking about the E12 with the Bass Boost on or off, I never use the Bass Boost on the E12. The E12A on the other hand, sounds somewhat similar to the E12 but with tighter bass...
Jame from FiiO has been on one of the threads recently to point out that the E12A has plenty of juice to drive most (not all) full-size headphones...not just IEM's. I have both amps, love them both, but I like the E12A more UNLESS I want to use it to drive my HE-500s in which case I'd rather have the extra power of the E12.    I think you'll be very happy with your choice. Good luck!
 I think if you look around you'll see A LOT of people here saying "in my opinion" or "to me, "with my headphones/amp/DAC"..."your mileage may vary"...etc. Nobody should be taken to task for not agreeing about a certain piece of gear as long as they're not doing so just to try and stir the pot. I haven't gone back and read any previous statements you've made nor how anyone responded to them, but you should be able to give your opinion.  There's no doubt that some brands...
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