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I use the X10's every day for audiobooks because they're very comfortable and can be used for hours at a time and you'll hardly notice they're there. If you find them on sale at Amazon they make for a very nice single driver IEM. 
Well, I've been a two speaker plus a nice sub and a rack of full-size components listenin' kinda guy since the 80's, but in the past couple years I've really fallen for this whole portable audio idea. It amazes me that you can walk around with this level of sound quality playing. If I leave the house alone I always have the X5 II on my belt and my Westone's in my ears. Right now I have WAY over 200 full albums (16 & 21-bit FLAC only) on my X5 II with room for more...it's a...
 Me too...fingers crossed.
I haven't heard the X3K/X3 II so I'm sorry, but I can't speak to the differences between the two. I'm sure someone will chime in that has heard both. 
 I assumed since you said X3 you meant the original X3 not the X3K/X3 II. The button layout/UI is very different between the original X3 and the X5 or X5 II.
 I started with the X3 and loved it, but finally made the switch to the OG X5 mainly for the better button layout/UI and was shocked by how much cleaner/neutral the X5 sounded. The X5 and X5 II have a more spacious and detailed sound without the excess warmth of the X3. It's certainly worth the upgrade and the X5 and X5II give you the ability for more storage as well. Good luck.  Of course, it depends on what IEM's/headphones you're using as well because if they're not up...
 That's less than a meter, not long at all. No worries. 
I use the High Gain setting all the time (dead silent background) regardless if I'm using my Westone W40's, B&W P7's or the HE-400/500's. I know that with the IEM's I almost never go any louder than 60-65 for any length of time. 
I haven't heard the Klipsch X11's...not sure if they're worth the extra cash over the much cheaper (at Amazon) X10's. I use my X10's or X7's for audiobooks because they're very comfortable, but I much prefer my Westones (very comfortable as well) for music listening. The X11's like the X10's are single armature driver IEM's and in my opinion the X11's are priced a bit high for a single driver...then again you may love them. Just make sure that you have the choice to return...
 I use the Gungnir and Asgard 2 in my office and the A2 does a great job with IEM's...I've used several Klipsch (X5, X7 and X10's) and my Westone W40's with it. I've never tried the Valhalla 2 though I've only read great things about, yet I'm not sure that it's the best choice for lower impedance IEM's. I see that it has an output impedance of 14 Ohms on high gain and 3.5 Ohms on low gain. Last year I used a Parasound Zdac in my bedroom setup and its headphone amp has a 10...
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