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 I like that it's adjustable, I just checked and I have mine set where the headband rest is 12" above the top of the metal base which gives me right at 5" of space below the earcups of the NightHwak's. That allows the cable more than enough room so that I never need to worry about a sharp bend in the cable. I need to see how the AudioQuest stand is, never know when you may need another one. 
 I like that one a lot and if I didn't already have the Woo Audio stand that is "kind of" (in the way that it allows the headphones to hang/rest) similar I'd grab one of these. 
I use the X10 a lot of times for audiobooks as they're very comfortable but they're good with music too. They sound big, with plenty (or a bit more) of bass and not at all bright (to my ears) in the treble. 
A buddy wants me to give a listen to his new Audio Art headphone cable for the NightHawks and it looks really well built and is very flexible...I need to give it a listen.   It's tough, as I'm already a bit bias towards the original AQ cable they came with knowing that this was the way they truly wanted to make their headphone cable.  
 Now that you mention it, mine did come with a gray and a black polishing cloth but as per usual, I left most of the extra stuff in their original packaging. lolWell, I assume that those cloths work well but if they don't I know that the ones from Cape Cod in the can certainly do. I've used them for years on knives and anything else that needs to be polished and one of those cans will last you for years and years.Regardless, I'd still take the original cable over the newer...
I've had zero issues with my NightHawk cable, it's two very high-quality cables (L&R) running side by side within a weave. If you simply run your fingers gently down the length of the cable you'll keep it nice and flat and it won't twist.   Now with regards to connectors/connections, I can only say that I've never had any issues and these are my go-to headphones.   As far as the end tarnishing, silver will tarnish, I use Cape Cod Metal Polish (comes in a can with...
 I'm sorry, I assumed that since the newer NightHawk Carbon comes with two sets of pads, one of them being all protein leather that those pads were available now for the original NH's as well and some may have heard them. The outer portion of the pads are protein leather on the original NH's but that inner ring is a different material.  It's my bad for not keeping up and seeing that AQ is advertising the newer can's and thinking that the other pads must be out there now....
I've been away from the site for a while (life got crazy for me) but I wondering what NightHawk owners that have tried the new all protein leather pads have thought about any changes they've made in the sound of the original NH's. The NH's are my go-to headphone but I still curious if the new AudioQuest pads changed the sound much at all. Thank you. 
No, you'd need a way to adjust the volume between DAC and amp. Unless of course, like mentioned above you happen to have an integrated amp with a built-in volume control.
I leave my Gungnir and Asgard 2 on 24/7 in my office and have never had any issues. I leave all the components in my main system on all the time too, I've never had any issues.    I no longer like to change/upgrade my audio gear all the time (I did that for more than two decades) as I'd much prefer to put a system together and then just get back to buying and enjoying more MUSIC. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, it sounds like I now need to purchase the Jotunheim, not...
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