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I too think the miniature Castle Rock cable for the Nighthawks is a very good cable, especially since it's the stock cable. Haven't heard of anyone using it with the HD800's but that would be interesting to hear the results. I like working with solid-core wire wires and doubt it would be too difficult to mod if needed.
 I've not heard the Oppo HA-1 as an amp on its own, but the way you've described it and its build in DAC are "almost" word for word for how my buddy that owns one described it to me. I'm sure it's a very nice/great DAC/amp combo when you consider the price. 
 I NEED to hear on of the Violectric amps, right now I'm jonesing for the Pass Labs HPA-1 but it's a bit steep considering that I have too many expensive hobbies and too light a wallet.  
 I feel bad for ya that you need a repair/replacement but that price isn't too steep for the earcup. A pair of replacement earpads for the B&W P7's is $50 so the $102 for the liquid wood earcup isn't out of line (I guess). Of course, the price always feels like too much when you're the one that needs the repair or replacement . Good luck and sorry to hear you damaged your earcup!   If I recall correctly, last year I paid just over a $100 for two new replacement...
I had better luck with the AKG K701's when I used them with the Schiit Audio Lyr, the extra juice seemed (to me anyway) to make them sound more dynamic/punchy and gave them a bit more bass. They were a bad choice for me personally because those padded ribs on the bottom of the headband started making the top of my head sore after about half an hour of listening. I much prefer the NightHawks. 
 It certainly happens with some gear, Magnepans need to be driven for a week or two before the bass gets to where it needs to be and everything blends together properly. I've had headphones that required burn-in as well but done that improved to the extent that the Nighthawks did...I was all but certain that I would be returning mine and now they're my favorite headphone. Go figure.  I was late to the headphone game and I recall being told, and reading that my first pair,...
Believe it or not, the NightHawks sound significantly better after they'd run somewhere between 150-200 hours. I wouldn't have believed it myself If I hadn't set them aside and let them play for two weeks, while not listening to them during that time. They were super comfortable right out of the box but nothing else impressed me before they had been burnt-in. Trust me, I do understand that many think it's foolish to recommend burn-in for any type of audio gear. I can only...
Since you already have the multibit you don't have to worry about it, with headphones or good speakers I imagine you would indeed hear the difference. I've never heard either of those DAC's so I can't be sure...I wouldn't worry about it as I'd be too busy listening to my favorite music. Congratulations on your new DAC!  
 Life is good, enjoy your music! 
 I have components that cost well over 2K that the connectors/jacks on the back of the case are not "perfectly" centered within the hole on the back of the case. It doesn't matter at all, the connectors/jacks are soldered to the board inside and can't always line up perfectly with the hole on the back of the case. No worries.Enjoy your music! 
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