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I use the Asgard 2 as a preamp in my office system (with a Parasound Halo A21) so the preamp outs are variable and plugging in headphones mutes the preamp outs. 
Most source components output a fixed 2 volts, not sure what your iPhone's output voltage is, but if it's lower than average you'll have to turn the Asgard 2 up higher. 
New Record Day has a new review posted on the NightHawks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agy1tMx_zfI&feature=youtu.be
Just a heads up on yet another review: https://www.facebook.com/notes/audioquest/audioquest-nighthawk-lifelike-body-and-soul/1300002303358573
 I can't recall which professional review it was, but one reviewer made a recording of an acoustic guitar (I believe that to be correct...I think it was guitar) and then listened to the recording back over several headphones. The NH's were the ones that he and his friend agreed sounded more like what they had heard in the room during the recording.  As for my own experience, my eldest son went to college on a music scholarship (he plays cello and acoustic guitar) and the...
I never heard about of any (solid) pure silver cable causing a level of over the music. Regardless, I didn't expect Westone to tell me that the Ultra Thin cable would blow their stock Epic cable out of the water when it comes to musicality. I was kind of surprised that they said it has a lower resistance and can/will boost the high-frequency response. It sounds like it's a very sturdy cable even though it's extremely thin and light...I would imagine that it's very...
 I contacted Westone and inquired about the Ultra Thin cable vs. the Epic cable and this is exactly what they wrote back to me: "The Ultra Thin cable has a slightly lower resistance and different tinsel makeup, this translates to a slight boost in the high-frequency response."
 I was thinking exactly the same thing, but as soon as you tell someone that it truly does make a BIG difference (for whatever reason) to break/burn them in they think you're nuts or simply got used to their sound. The midrange of my NightHawks went from rather recessed and unimpressive to beautiful...I'm not sure why the very long burn-in period is required yet others including professional reviewers have found that it does indeed happen.     Even my wife (who loves...
There's a new review of the NightHawks on Headfonics: http://headfonics.com/2015/12/the-nighthawk-by-audioquest/​
I've used the E12A on several of my full-size headphones around the house (including planar's) so I think you'll be good to go with the UM's. Good luck!
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