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Using great sounding components to achieve a much better listening experience isn't always convenient. For instance, I'm sure it would be much easier to simply listen to music straight from your cell phones yet I seriously doubt you'd enjoy your music as much as you do with better components.    I just tried a pair of IEM's plugged into my Asgard 2 and then turned it off, I heard a small click...not a thump, but I did hear a low-level click. I had to try it for myself as...
 May sound odd but at times I'll turn my speaker amp off yet leave the sub on while listening to headphones so that I not only hear but feel the bass as well. I don't do it often but it's kinda fun at times. My Parasound speaker amp has loop outs that I use to feed the sub and even if the amp is turned off the signal hits the sub. 
 You don't sound harsh at all, and I was simply trying (maybe poorly) to point out that those of us that have been at this since the mid to late 80's got used to working around things like pops or thumps from our speaker amps. If the manual says that there should be no pop nor thump then I would contact Schiit to see what they say as I've always found them to be extremely helpful. My main point was that headphones are much easier to unplug from their amp than speakers from...
I've owned a few speaker amps over the years that would cause a thump to hit my speakers and while I didn't like it I ended up just leaving them on all the time. It would scare you a bit if you were using ribbon speakers like my old Apogee Stages. My only point is that it's nothing new and at times you have to work around what gear you're using. It's not a big deal (IMO) with headphones as they can be so easily unplugged. 
If any amp you own pops or makes any sort of noise when turned on why not simply wait until it's on until you plug in your headphones? With speaker based system you have to turn on your source gear and preamp and then wait a few seconds before turning on your amp so that no turn on transient hits your speakers. None of this is a big deal, it's been this way for as long as I can remember. 
You don't have to feed the amp via its XLR inputs to use its balanced headphone output. Enjoy!
 The Shunyata Research Venom3? If so, I've never used one but I've only read great things about it. Enjoy your music! 
The above cable is a good one, also Audio Art and DH Labs make some very nice and reasonably priced power cables as well. Good luck! 
Some people would even keep it to themselves that they were inconvenienced (God forbid) rather than posting here that they sent "a pleasant but firm email" to the company. 
How is the tracking on those volume pots at low levels set on Low Gain? I assume it tracks great as Schiit always seems to use very good pots, but I haven't seen it mentioned. I apologize if it's been talked about and I simply didn't see it. I've worked a ton of hours the past few weeks and though I have looked I haven't had time to read the entire thread.    I would be using the Jotunheim in my office system (replacing an Asgard 2) and I often use IEM's (Westone W40's)...
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