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Anyone else getting funny Chinese characters in the album name when playing DSD .iso?
 Update: Track order works in Category mode (after scan) but not Folder mode. Weird.
Here's another suggestion for the firmware update:   Make the Remember: Position option to remember if the player has been shut off with the pause engaged.   It would be nice to have the player remember the position in the song but not start playing immediately when turned on.
 Playing many files one after the other is fine - there are no gaps. Playing a single file that is indexed into many tracks with a .cue sheet - there are 0.5 second gaps between songs. A bummer for me as I have my entire CD collection ripped with EAC in this way. 
Has anyone tried playing DSD .iso files? Works great but the track order gets messed up on the X3ii for some reason. Anyone with similar issue? 
Bought in January. Used lightly, e.g. one charge per week.   Comes in original packaging and with all accessories. Looks new.   $25 shipped.
As of yesterday I am also the proud owner of X3ii.   Listened today for about 30 minutes - lovely sound with my SM64. Only gripe is volume can't go very loud with these 100-ohm IEMs. I listened to some good vinyl rips by PBTHAL and older CDs with high dynamic range at the absolute max - high gain and 120 volume, and I feel i'd still like a bit louder than than on the SM64. In the future I'd be looking at switching either to lower impedance IEMs or the X5ii for more...
 It is posted on their community forums.
Official firmware version 1.1 for the X3 2nd gen is now available. >>Click here The following changes and improvements were made to FW1.1 compared to FW1.0: 1. FiiO's slogan "Love Music, Love Life, Love FiiO" added to starting animation 2. "About X3K" renamed to "About X3" in accordance with official product name. 3. The microSD card is now identified throughout the menus as "TF card" rather than "TF卡". 4. Fixed issue where the status bar icons are shifted when the volume...
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