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Are the any cases with clips for the Fiio DAPs? Summer time I am used to clipping the player to my jeans rather than carrying it in pockets
 It is actually 2600 mAh
 Thanks! On 2. - yes, this is what I mean. The deephasis is probably a feature of the DAC itself, if the particular DAC has it. Some early CDs have preephasis applied (e.g some Pink Floyd titles) and the respective digital files ripped from the CD won't play with the correct EQ if deephasis is not applied during playback. Regarding 3 - basically, I am interested if the player support a cue sheet format where several source files are listed in a single cue file: FILE "File...
 Excellent review. The X3ii is a certain purchase for me now :)
 Any help with these questions please?
 That is interesting
 Seems they also have the same issue with the newest batch of X1s:
Just for the record - I tried today my SM64 with a store Fiio X1.   I was disappointed volume couldn't get high enough - I have some old vinyl rips that are pretty quiet and even at 100, the X1 was not nearly loud enough. In fact, my current Clip Zip + Fiio E6 combo was significantly louder.
A few questions from me too:   - is the maximum volume of the units sold in Europe limited in any way? (e.g. a la iPhone, iPad..) - does the software recognize pre-emphasis flags (PE flag) in the .cue sheets and apply the needed deemphasis? - does the software support .cue sheets containing multiple source files?
The definition excludes 1. 2 is the first prime number.
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