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Lol, so the official specs from Sennheiser are very wrong. They updated the measurement units but not their value, it seems.
Hi,   A bit of a noob question here but what is the exact sensitivity of Sennheiser HD600?   Back in the day it seems Sennheiser reported it as 97 db/mW. All unoficcial online sources/reviews also say so.   However, currently the original online specs and manual say 97 db/1V.   In my original hard copy manual, it simply says 97 db at 1 khz. Did Sennheiser do a sloppy job on reporting the HD600 sensitivity? I am confused..  
 Which is a 7 times more expensive device
The price is indeed prohibitive.
Nice. That price though.. it's like 5 times the regular BaX.. and I hate angled plugs
Is it significantly heavier and thicker than the BaX?   My main gripe with the original BaX is that it very tangly and cannot stay straight under its own light weight
 I use a 2-pin BaX with the Velvet. Works like charm and should do the same on the SM64 too. The BaX is much easier to attach/detach than the stock EarSonics cable.
 I reflashed to 1.4 and.. you are correct and I feel like an idiot :D Only thing that was changed is that for redbook cue-flac combo, the song names no longer show .WAVE at the end, which is actually a good thing :D
Guys, what about that issue with filenames display even if Title is chosen? Is no one else having this? Last night I retagged with Mp3tag several individual flac songs and they still show as .flac filenames in the Category / Browse menus. Was working fine on 1.4 fw. I haven't tried any firmwares after 1.4 so maybe this changes happened before 2.0, don't know..   On the other hand, redbook cue sheets seem to display the titles fine now, while previously on 1.4 I think...
In Category and Browse Files. Now Playing seems okay - shows all tag info.
New Posts  All Forums: