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Velvet v2 review here
@Jason Stoddard Any news on new Joti stock for the EU market? Been waiting since late November.. EU distributors say they have no clue :(
 They already did with Windows 10 build 14931 but not sure if it's widely available yet, or insiders only for now.
EarSonics introduce VELVET V2: -More linear frequency response approach. -Better energetic treble presentation.   Replaces the original version, same price.   Seems more or less the same thing to me. Why bother with more linear freq response and more energetic treble since you can already tune the sound?
In the EU, Joti's been on backorder for a month and will continue so for a few more weeks, according to the distributor :(
 With that I agree. Even the X1 seemed bright to me coming from a RB-ed Clip Zip.
 On this forum the X3ii has been described from slightly warm to neutral to bright 
Will appreciate screenshot or pics of this theme
 The BaX cable is pretty strong and well built but tangles like hell, if that's a concern :)
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