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 So far it seems to be a jack issue related to dirt. I did clean it with alcohol and today both channels worked on startup but sound was tiny at first, as if I was listening to mono or a very poor quality recording. I rotated the headphones jack around its axis a bit and then sound finally came out fully. Will test further and let you know.
As of recently, often when I start the unit and plug my earphones, there is no sound in the left channel. I need to reinsert the earphones a few times for the sound to start coming in both channels. It's not a cable/jack issue, as I've tried different earphones. Any ideas?
So I've been reading people's excellent impression on the synergy between Joti and HD650.   But what about HD600? For the record, I don't find the 600s harsh at all but rather smooth and forgiving with any music I have.
 Would be interesting to hear a comparison of JoMimby vs NFB 28. Also, next year Audio GD will be upgrading to the new ES9038, which is expected to be a killer DAC.
 I would also look at the Audio-GD products. The NFB-28/29H should be pretty good.
 I honestly wouldn't use this table to compare IEMs (mostly BA drivers) to full-size open headsets with dynamic drivers. Entirely different beasts, IMO.  I'd consider those rankings only within their separate transducer categories.
 I have the ES Velvet and the HD600 and have to say the Velvet sounds much faster and dynamic with some kinds of music. Was recently listening to Rage Against the Machine and it sounded a bit sloppy in places on the HD600. Could be due to the DAC+Amp combo that I use with the HD600, though.
 They changed the shell from black to clear.
 Because they are staples in EarSonics's catalogue and now appear to be discontinued without a direct substitute. New design and being closer to Velvet seems to me to be more of an upgrade, and that is not necessarily the best way to go for some people. It also probably comes with a higher price.  Btw, prices are EUR 299 and 399 for ES2 and ES3, respectively.
 Which is even weirder given the SM3 and SM2 appear to be discontinued. The new ones will fall in their places as an upgrade?
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