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I've had the SM3 for more than 2 years now and they are as sturdy as new. I really don't understand people's constant complains about the build quality. Maybe you guys treat your expensive IEMs like sh*t  
  Sure but I am neither Westone client, nor based in the USA. I guess this is out of the question.
It really sucks that Westone does not put one pair of each size in the package..  
Earsonics SM3 is awesome if you would stretch your budget a bit or buy used.   Unlike other users, I wouldn't recommend the ER4P, it will sound thin with metal.  
  After EarSonics widened the bore on the stock biflanges they are not much different from the Sensorcom ones and actually I ended up reaching for them more often that the Senso.
  That's pretty much the case with SM3, too.   We badly need a comparison of the differences in volume between the two and whether the SM64 is usable with something like the Sansa ClipZip, which pairs excellently with the SM3.   Also, does EarSonics plan to cancel the SM3 v2 and substitute it with the SM64?
I am kind of disappointed these are not as portable (i.e. need an amp) as the SM3 :/
After a long and thorough search for what would be a good jogging headphones in terms of both fit and SQ, I decided to go for the Sennheiser PMX 60. And boy am I happy with them!   I previously owned Koss KSC75 ear clips and was moderately happy with them. Fit was somewhat okay but they looked weird on me, volume was a bit low (due to the 64 ohm impedance), they were easily getting sweaty and the sound was a bit muddy.   The PMX 60, on the other hand, is exactly...
Price is now $35 shipped for both  
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