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 Can that still fit in a typically sized messenger bag?
People claim the rhodium can handle being in more humid storage. If that is relevant for anyone's environment.
It costs about $30; so it can't be anything significant. However, it piqued my curiosity.
Just realized these use different sized drivers than the ESW10jpn. Are the cup sizes the same on the two models? Are they considered the same kind of form-factor at that point to even compare them?   I guess it is to would be fair to expect the ESW10jpn to have a tighter bass in theory.
Looks like so weird tube. I found this at my local computer/electronic shop. I have no idea what it is.
Note sure how relevant. But this is how I carry my Hugo within my messenger bag. Bought it at my local mall; it is some kind of GPS padded carrier.   I think it is this:     Here are my pictures of it:
So my 320 kbps derived mp3s would not be held back by the bluetooth connection? Or my FLACs created from CDs?
I guess it is time for some grunt work. :)
Question. Is connecting the Samsung Note 3 via bluetooth to the Hugo considered a lossless exchange of data fed to the DAC? Can this be used to avoid any noise? Either way I am connecting without problems on my Samsung Note 3.
Anyone try Fostex's new hybrid amp with the XC?
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