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My Chord Hugo is getting sent for repairs because it won't turn on anymore. No big accident or story, simply, I noticed it didn't charge overnight and doesn't turn on anymore. D:
The front facing speakers in the m9 kind of force the phone to be big.
For isolation acrylic is probably better for noise proofing. As for inner acoustics, the wood and acrylic both run the sound through the same tubing material inside; so things do not depend as much from the casing.
Definetly, I have mine paired with a Fostex HP-V1 hybrid portable amp. Gives that color I want from the Hugo.
My Noble Kaiser Universals are powered perfectly from these. My SE 5-way needs to run loud for enough power. My portable Audio Technica sound the best for on-ears.
I just realized something. Because of the limited screen resolution. I can't access high quality audio on the VEVO music videos of YouTube. Everything becomes bloated and less dynamic. I have to use my OnePlus One to watch music videos. This is extremely disappointing for me. I love music videos.
Don't have that problem with mine. So no idea, but that happened before to my old JVC Kaboom boombox. I just ended up following this guy's advice I found online: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-544235.html   Here is another similar discussion: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/hardware-clinic-knowledge-base-33/ot-how-remove-those-matt-material-turn-sticky-3473956.html
Using Spotify extreme:   Clearaudio+ just seems like a good crossover feature to me. Smaller sound stage as usual. However, since I like to pay attention to the vocals, I usually have it turned off. For anything where the vocals are not important the Clearaudio+ sounds nice to me. I am too lazy to go through the to turn it back on after. Ultimately I keep it off.   DSEE actually sounds like it increases dynamics with a very minimal bass boost and even less crossover...
Sorry to revive an old  thread.  But how do these headphones compare to current flagships? Also compared to Fischer's current newer headphones that aren't mentioned as often on current headfi?
The OnePlus One has a better battery life is the only thing I can say. Other than that, they are both amazing.
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