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The jvx dx2000 will be way better for trance. It is not flat and has the funnest signature for enjoying music. But you could eq that into other things. The jvc has a slow natural decay making it better for jazz. But for trance, a natural slow will not be ideal on paper. I personally find trance to sound well, almost ethereal on the dx1000. I wish i could try thr fostex th900 and compare them.
Any idea if this can drive the SE 5-way cIEM?
Anyone figure out how to remove the leather earpads for these headphones? I can't figure it out. I want to try with Brainwavz memory foam earpads and see if I can reduce the sound leak.  On a side note anyone feel like these headphones places voices a little far away in the soundstage? Like a private/small stage venue.   How do I remove these earpads? 
If you check out Amazon, the Momentum Wireless 2 production has been stopped due to bad signal cutting off and bad hinge quality.I would say the new Momentum for this generation is slight gamble according to Amazon reviews. They may sound great, but time will tell.Edit: i just received these. They have a really good volume, the low end is really there as the denon signature. The hinges are strong and sturdy. However, these headphones have a major flaw. They absolutely leak...
Oh my god these things are hidden gems of their market. Small profile with 30mm drivers. We bought them from a mall kiosk. Flat sound signature. Easy to EQ. It can handle silly sub-bass car songs with no distortion. Really good bass control. Only downside is that they don't collapse in for throwing into thw bag. The cups simply can be swiveled flat and put away. Even has nfc for lazier phone connecting. And a microphone for taking calls. Sorry if this isn't really a...
My Chord Hugo is getting sent for repairs because it won't turn on anymore. No big accident or story, simply, I noticed it didn't charge overnight and doesn't turn on anymore. D:
The front facing speakers in the m9 kind of force the phone to be big.
For isolation acrylic is probably better for noise proofing. As for inner acoustics, the wood and acrylic both run the sound through the same tubing material inside; so things do not depend as much from the casing.
Definetly, I have mine paired with a Fostex HP-V1 hybrid portable amp. Gives that color I want from the Hugo.
My Noble Kaiser Universals are powered perfectly from these. My SE 5-way needs to run loud for enough power. My portable Audio Technica sound the best for on-ears.
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