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Don't know if it's been posted before, but if you are in the UK there's a great deal on Denon AH-1100's in sainsburys, £39!
Yes this is the 220V Version.
Updated images and price!
Little Dot MK V - SOLD! I Purchased the amp directly from Little Dot a few months ago, it is in absolute mint condition with only a few hours of use. I have to say it sounds awesome, lovely clean, full sound. Comes with original manual, and I will even include a brand new power cable in the sale, I am looking for £165 or nearest offer. I am based in London. Please feel free to ask any questions or make me an offer. Thanks.
Also looking at these microlab's Anyone heard them? EDIT: Thanks for the help, ended up buying the Microlabs SOLO6C.. had a 6" woofer, remote and some decent reviews, seemed a good deal.
Hi there, I need to purchase these speakers today and was just having a thought.. How would say, they active Edifier's compare to a budget hi-fi set of around £100? Thanks for any info.
Would you say something like this would be a better all rounder:   They will be using them for music, movies and games, or would you stick to 2.0 speakers?    
Thanks for the reply.. can anyone comment on how they would compare with M-Audio AV40's?
I am looking to get some computer speakers as a christmas gift. I don't know much about active speakers so would like to know what is good for no more than the £60-70 point.   they can be a 2.1 system or just a pair. Cheers for any advice.
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