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Yeah - the problem is not a lack of HiFi stores. But Beyerdynamic is only sold by one or two dealers and they almost never carry the entire line of products only the top sellers. So it will be hard to get to try one of the new Beyerdynamic amps.
A gain switch would be great. It has very high gain and I would also have liked a low gain. 
I would love to hear the new Beyerdynamic amplifiers. But there are no shops in this country where they have them in stock.
After listening to the T70, ER-4S and Tzar 350 for some time I thought the T5p had too much bass and was too dark sounding in the beginning. I was debating with myself for some time whether I could live with T5p or if they were too dark for me. So when people say headphones sound bright or dark it is alway relative to what they are used to. After some time I got accustomed to the T5p sound and I couldn't imagine selling them ever again. 
A truly impressive list of tube amplifiers!
 Thanks for the model-number, links and pictures. The GWN-1000 just entered my wish list :-)
That is an impressive G-shock collection! :-) I only have a Pro-trek PRW-2000 but I have often wanted to get the same watch as G-shock. I do not know the G-shock model number though.
I have during the last year collected a bunch of female vocalists in a Spotify playlist. It currently contains 1482 tracks mainly in the JAZZ genre.   I prefer to add the full CD from each artist. That makes the playlist a great "radio station" when playing random tracks.    I hope you like it, and hopefully get some inspiration. - Female Jazz Vocalists   Direct Spotify URL: 
Glad to hear you are enjoying the T70p! It is a truly impressive headphone. I am looking forward to read more impressions :-)
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