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I hope you find a good solution. I can imagine that production in Europe will have its own advantages as well. Patience for us is hard but I think we will survive :-)
 Yes! I use a 15V PSU whenever I am not on the move. When I am out I am perfectly happy with the internal 9V battery.  
My Quickstep gets a lot of hours on it every week with my T5p or Tzar 350. Specially after I sold all my other portable amplifiers only to keep the Quickstep. I cannot imagine any other portable amplifier to sound better, but even it if sounds terrible I am going to buy it anyway, just because I love all the products Jan make. 
Can I pay now and receive this sooner  I am so ready for this and looking forward to see what this new thing is. 
I certainly hope they will make the bluetooth stability better for the users experiencing those issues :-)Also it should be possible for them to make the dealers able to update H8 in their shops. It only requires a USB cable and a flash-software, which they do not have to my knowledge other than an internal developer version. That's why they can only solve it by changing the whole product with a better firmware and not just updating it in the shop. 
My previous job was at B&O. 
B&O would never offer a firmware update program for the H8. So don't wait for that to happen. So the best thing you can do would be to return them and keep complaining about the dropouts. They might update the software in the production and you could get a better one in exchange. But as far as I know the stores are not able to flash the H8 software and they will have to give you a new sample and return the old one to the factory. But as long as it's under the three year...
I felt the exact same and I thought that it was just how Bang & Olufsen like their speakers to sound. Neutral and without adding anything to the sound. Then the lifeliness and sparkle is sacrafised. But after connecting the H6 to my Quickstep or Meier Classic I started to like them again compared to using them directly from my iPhone. Adding an amplifier really gives the H6 more life and also expands the soundstage a lot. I have not tried to connect the H8 in passive/wired...
The H8 is warmer and fuller sounding. H8 has more body and bass impact. The sound of the H6 is technically superior and offers better resolution, better clarity and better soundstage. To some the H6 is too bright but the bass is faster and more tight in the H6 but with less impact. Also the Active Noise Cancelling in H8 destroys the sound and takes the dynamics away, flattens the soundstage and totally removes treble sparkle. It is a good thing that it can be turned off...
An absolutely stunning recording and performance!  
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