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Hi tdxYou have to turn on bluetooth every time as well, then it will also connect automatically. The sliding button has three positions. OFF - ON - Bluetooth ON (by holding 2 sec in bluetooth ON you bring it to pairing mode). So it is not enough just to put it in the middle position. You have to also activate bluetooth. It may seem a bit stupid but in this way you can turn it on in Flightmode not activating bluetooth every time you just want to listen via cable but still...
I don't think the T10 with the treble filter is bassy at all. It is not super bright either but for my taste perfectly balanced between bright and dark. Do you still think T10 is too dark/bassy with the treble filter? 
Now we are talking certainly interesting. I will be looking forward to that product from now on. Almost can't wait now. :-)
Welcome to the T5p owners club! I hope you will find that they get better when you get them all warmed up and burned in.    By the way what an impressive collection of headphones you have. I used to be a Grado fan and love the Grado sound. Specially the edgy and punchy sound of SR325i. I also find that the T5p gives me some of that - but not all. It is the best compromise when I cannot use open headphones where I live. 
I like the sound of this set:   iPod Classic --> Quickstep --> Tzar 350  
Haha, I didn't know anyone actually followed my postings in this thread. Great to meet someone who knows Motorpsycho. Not many people here in Denmark know them. I do listen to them now and then though but I do not post it here every time. Now that you speak of it I will give my favourite album a listen: 
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