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A nice set that sounds great with a lot of headphones. 
Hi rggz The 2Move and 3Move have built in DAC. The Quickstep is amplifier only. The PCStep could be an alternative to the 2Move. I once had the 2Move and 3Move as well and the bass is a bit more pronounced in them than it is in the Quickstep. So to my ears the 2Move was a better companion to the ER-4S which I also used back then. I just sold ny old 3Move last year but I still enjoyed the sound when used with bright headphones. I think you should keep the 2Move if you...
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HiFi im Hinterhof - a great place to shop headphones. They were also the place where the one of the first Pan-European Head-fi meets were held. And it was at that place I heard the first newly released T5p for the first time. I didn't like them at first... but later I ended up loving them and owned a pair for some years. They have now been replaced by the DT-1770. Maybe I should try the T5p2 soon.... I also remember someone at that meet with the T1 serial number 0001 :-)
I am hoping that this is a move for beyerdynamic to be able to offer several different choices of tastes of headphones more than an overall change in philosophy and house-sound.
"Warm, intoxicating sound with live atmosphere"   I suppose they will not be aimed at T70-fans then... This is a totally new direction from beyerdynamic. When did they ever make a warm sounding headphone before?
 "Warm, intoxicating sound with live atmosphere"I don't think this will appeal to a T70-fan like me?
I have never had any problems with older beyerdynamic models in terms of sharp treble. T70 and T70p was among the best headphones I have had. I know a lot of people did not like them because they were too bright but to me they were unique. This new direction is probably a reaction to what customers want. I never had T90 though. I have only heard them shortly on IFA and CanJam. 
I do not have any issues with them. I am using them at the homeoffice for a full day of work with no issues. I am using the velour pads and they are soft and nice to wear and the headband as well. 
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