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Sure sounds very interesting. I am going to send my units for the upgrade as soon as my vacation is over. No hesitation from my side.
I will do the same thing once I get back from summer vacation.
Right now I am enjoying this CD ripped to lossless from iPhone 6+ --> CCK --> ODAC RevB --> Meier Quickstep --> RHA T20.   I just had to share how great that sounds. Even directly from the iPhone headphone out T20 sounds great but with a bright to neutral source there is great definition and resolution. Very involving indeed.   
 ....And Epiphany Acoustics in the UK: http://epiphany-acoustics.co.uk
Two of my favorite jazz recordings.   
Whether people find the mids recessed might also depend on where they come from and what they are used to. I my self do not find the T20 lacking anything in that regards. 
I shared a few pictures and impressions on the RHA T20 here: http://www.head-fi.org/products/rha-t20/reviews/13514
I took a couple of pictures of my T51p.       
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