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 Super amp! Exciting news :-) I can only testify that the Corda Classic-ff is a great amplifier with great synergy with almost anything except Grados (in my opinion). 
It is a great amplifier indeed. I do not know what else I should get to pair with my old CLAS. Maybe a all in one solution like a Mojo?
I have the T20 and q-Jays as well. I would say they are good at different things. I agree the q-jays are in a higher league for neutral and clear sound.Also there was a price difference in the beginning when q-Jays came out. With the new price q-Jays are the best deal all over if you like that signature.
'They offered -30% and free shipping. I paid 209 Euro shipping included. Too good to let that deal pass me by.
New q-Jays v2 from Black Friday + the old iPod Classic.... Sounds awesome!   
Today I already received my Black Friday gift for myself. I had the new q-Jays on loan for a few weeks last year. I might have never had the chance to listen to these if it wasn't for a loaner tour in Denmark, arranged by Claus from Back then I was very impressed with the design and also the sound of the q-jays. So they have been on my list ever since. I was just about to buy a pair when they had the price reduction in the summer. Now the black friday...
I saw Emma Ruth Rundle warming up for wovenhand a few weeks ago and I fell in love immediately. Such a talented artist. Now I am listening to her all the time.
Thanks! Time for me to grab a pair then :-) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
A nice set that sounds great with a lot of headphones. 
Hi rggz The 2Move and 3Move have built in DAC. The Quickstep is amplifier only. The PCStep could be an alternative to the 2Move. I once had the 2Move and 3Move as well and the bass is a bit more pronounced in them than it is in the Quickstep. So to my ears the 2Move was a better companion to the ER-4S which I also used back then. I just sold ny old 3Move last year but I still enjoyed the sound when used with bright headphones. I think you should keep the 2Move if you...
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