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Slowdive - Pygmalion  
In my opinion the pads certainly have a big effect on the sound reaching the ear. Just like the material of the housing and the airflow around the driver. From my experience working with the BeoPlay H6 at Bang & Olufsen they tried a lot of pads and different leather qualities and it certainly does change the sound, also the material inside the pads influences the sound to some extend. So finding the right compromise between comfort and sound is a science if you ask me....
iPod 80Gb, Quickstep, Heir Audio Tzar 350.
Yes, it was VERY helpful too. Thanks! I did not get to listen to the Rhines IEM's in Essen. But I should have done so I guess. There was also another German manufacturer, that impressed me much. It was particularly the StageDiver 2 from It was clear and crisp and just my taste of tuning. I have been tempted to go for it as well and pay the extra to have it produced as customised...
I was told that "Kafka on the shore" is a good read. So that one will probably be qued too. 
I read this too and it was my first Murakami book. I never really got that excited about it. I am going to start "What I talk about when I talk about running" because I am training for a trail marathon next month. But after that I think I will pick another Murakami book and it will probably be "Dance Dance Dance" and then "Norwegian Wood". 
Thanks for the link. My conclusion is that the CE6P is not for me then. It was very helpful :-) I will investigate the UE4. I havn't considered it until now. 
Massive Attack - Collected  
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