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Whether people find the mids recessed might also depend on where they come from and what they are used to. I my self do not find the T20 lacking anything in that regards. 
I shared a few pictures and impressions on the RHA T20 here:
I took a couple of pictures of my T51p.       
Two days ago I received a little but very nice box in the mail:       I started off with the reference filter. Currently I am using the treble filter. I think I like the treble filter better so far.      Everything with this product is just so very perfect. Unboxing the T20 was like a dream. The packaging and accessories are very well made.    First impressions are VERY good! Listening to acoustic guitars with these is just WOW! This CD (Nils Lofgren, Acoustic...
I totally agree. Impedance alone does not tell everything about how a headphone is driven. Also sensitivity does not. Since we are talking about dynamic drivers impedance can vary through the frequency register and the sum if this together with the charachteristics of the amplifier can make a big difference. I would say though based on the three different Grado headphones (SR325, GS1000 and SR80) I have had most of them changed just as much from being driven by an amp as I...
What do you mean by "easier do drive"?Is that by looking at the impedance or from listening experience with different amplifiers?
Flo Morrissey  
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