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Unless you really need the cordless function I would choose the H6 at any time. It offers better comfort over longer listening sessions. The passive noise cancelation of the H6 is ok for most environments for me. Also you will not have to worry about charging the H8 while travelling. The H6 will also scale better when used with a good amplifier.
I never carry my iPhone in my pocket anyway. While at work the phone is laying on my desk playing through CLAS --> Quickstep. While out and around I have it in my bag. I hope the Apple Watch will soon be available in my country then the 6+ will be just perfect. At least I have had no problem selling my iPad Mini after getting the 6+. The 6+ simply replaced any use for the iPad. Also the battery will easily last for two full days for me which is better than all the iPhones...
I thought the same in the beginning. After using the 6 for just a few days and getting used to the size it becomes very awkward to use the small screens on the old 5c/5s again. Now I have changed my 6 to a 6+. When I saw the 6+ the first time I thought it was almost vulgar in size. But my opinion has changed after som use.
I hope you find a good solution. I can imagine that production in Europe will have its own advantages as well. Patience for us is hard but I think we will survive :-)
 Yes! I use a 15V PSU whenever I am not on the move. When I am out I am perfectly happy with the internal 9V battery.  
My Quickstep gets a lot of hours on it every week with my T5p or Tzar 350. Specially after I sold all my other portable amplifiers only to keep the Quickstep. I cannot imagine any other portable amplifier to sound better, but even it if sounds terrible I am going to buy it anyway, just because I love all the products Jan make. 
Can I pay now and receive this sooner  I am so ready for this and looking forward to see what this new thing is. 
I certainly hope they will make the bluetooth stability better for the users experiencing those issues :-)Also it should be possible for them to make the dealers able to update H8 in their shops. It only requires a USB cable and a flash-software, which they do not have to my knowledge other than an internal developer version. That's why they can only solve it by changing the whole product with a better firmware and not just updating it in the shop. 
My previous job was at B&O. 
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