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They are way too loose for most people to do that. Maybe for indoor cycling where you sit almost still but if I move just a little bit the easily fall off and move around the ears. They are not recommended for other than a little walking if you ask me. Also they feel heavy during workout even though they are the lightest wireless headphones I know of. Why not get a pair of good earbuds? 
I love the Q-Jays. Great sound and very usable in ears.   
OK. I didn't se that. It has been a while since I sold my A1 but as far as I remember it also had a very little hiss. So I would not worry about it at all. :-)
The A1 is still a very good sounding amplifier. A1 has a big gain factor so the slightest noise will be easy to hear. What happens if you unplug the Aune from the input? Is the noise still there? I am guessing the Aune brings some noise. Also there could be a grounding issue somewhere?
I think Jan Meier once had a prototype with a flipswitch to change back and forth? He should bring one of those to meets etc. That would make it easier for people to compare the two versions.  I had a chance to sit at his booth at a meet in Germany and compare my normal Classic+Daccord to a ff-moderated Classic+Daccord. But even there it took a while(and a pair of HD800) for me to discover the differences. I have to say I am a very impressed by those of you who can...
Burn in has a very little to no audible effect. Just enjoy the music! :-)
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