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I also do not use the DT-1770 as much as T5p because the 1770 lack a certain intimacy with vocals. Maybe this is what you experience? I might be able to adjust to that over some more time if I stopped listening to the T5p and switching back and forth. But after two months the T5pv1 gets more listening time for me. 
The Daccord and Classic sounds great with T1. Very nice setup. When I had the T1 1st gen I often brought them to meets and I never found any amplifier in that money-range that was as good a pairing with the T1 as the Meier desktop stack. 
Always expect the worst. But hope for the best. Then you won't be disappointed.  Initially you will most likely be very disappointed with the thin sound. If you are the patient type give them time and get used to them and you will discover what they truly have to offer.
 Absolutely! :-)Almost forgot how good the iPod Video sounds...
iPod Video 80 Gb (ALAC) --> Tzar 350  
^If they did not change the driver....Did they change the cushions in V2? Did they change anything in airflow / bassport since people say they sound so different?
Lower impedance? OR more sensitive drivers? Interesting. I am guessing they will be more dynamic and responsive then? Maybe I should try the new version in a store next time I am in town.  As far as I remember the first version (the one I have) is 32 Ohm. 
I agree completely. For me the biggest difference is that my T5p V1 sounds better directly from my iPhone HP-out, where the H6 needs a lot more amplification for them to really come to life. When I use H6 from my desktop DACCORD+CLASSIC is where I enjoy the H6 most. I think that the neutral sound from the iPhone+H6 do not have any WOW-factor at all at first listen. Maybe even a bit boring compared to a lot of other portable headphones like the Momentum or T51p for...
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