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You actually pay attention to the quality of the music while exercising? I just use my ipod headphones when I'm doing sweaty stuff like that because I don't really pay attention to how bad they sound, but to my music. But yeah, sweat and headphones don't really mix well. Maybe unless you buy some waterproof ear buds? But don't expect them to sound very good.
Quote: Originally Posted by 1Time I suggest the ATH-M50 for ~$110 shipped and then get the Fiio E5 amp when it comes out. where can you find an m50 $110 shipped?
Quote: Originally Posted by 1Time FWIR, I don't think you can do better than the ATH-M50 for ~$110 shipped. And as I understand it, the JVC RX900 is semi-open/closed. hmmmm im considering the m50, what about the ath pro500s. 100 dollars on audiocubes. They look similar. and the pro700s.
i just ordered an e3 also. Should be coming in tomorrow. Can't wait.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict WoW. You could have shipped them this morning, via overnight to arrive Friday in Florida, and gotten free headphones in return that are worth 4x the cost of shipping. The guy you spoke with was just being nice to you. Those headphones do exist and they need more than 60-100 hours of music through them to loosen up and break in and sound right. Those were headphones that have been used and loved and had...
Quote: Originally Posted by jonathanjong lol! i would recomend the denon 1001k. I hear they are a great buy for the price.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict Those aren't the same headphones as these. When Fang accidentally shipped the "broken-in and ready to listen to" Jade to CA, he had another pair shipped 2nd day from China. But the new pair is not broken in, so they will have a closed in soundstage and will sound very bright and suck lemons. It is important that this particular pair be there, and if they aren't they will send someone to go all kung fu on...
Quote: Originally Posted by jamato8 Not bad lighting but the top is a silver reflective surface and a little hard to photograph. If I took more time I could get it but I wanted to get the images up of the size and need someone to show me how to use a camera. Edit: Oh you meant the one in your link. The bottom is very dark, almost black, so that is an ok image. That is the bottom half. ohhhh. i understand. When you say the amp is balanced, youre...
Black T4??? ÇìµåÆÄÀÏÄÚ¸®¾Æ [T4] or bad lighting? lol
IF your on a rreeeeeaaaaallllly tight budget, go for the fiio e3. Other cheap options would be a homemade amp, MINIBOX-F, MINIBOX-D, iBasso T4 etc. EDIT: I would consider the ibasso T4 and MINIBOX-D. Of course i have neither :P
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