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Yes I made a quick video for you to show how fast and easy changing a NATO is done.   when you put on a leather strap or bracelet it takes a bit longer because you have to remove the spring bars with a tool. still not hard but just a few more mins of work.     I bought a few cheaper NATO but I know there are better out there. I think ZULU or something like that is really good, others in this thread can talk about better NATO straps though....
I have a B13 and a M24 Lum-Tec myself and will be picking up their B-16 when it comes out this year also. I use them for when i am at work or cleaning or dirty jobs. Before i used to use a Breitling Seawolf and a B&M Capeland S for this role but since taking ownership of the two Lum-Tecs I sold the other watches and gladly wear these with no regrets! That says allot about a small Ohio based company replacing two great Swiss COSC spec watches (i really loved the...
YOU TEASE!!!!!!!   haha
HAHA! I really dig this Patek out of all the Pateks I could afford. I want something in the 40mm size and something that just works well on a 31 yearold wrist. I like this one because it looks different then the classic Patek, like owning a Rolex with a lightning bolt on the dial. Is this your watch? if so how thin is it in life, like really Patek thing or just right?  
that was the best 30mins of video on watches i seen! thanks
I am thinking at the end of this year maybe early next year i sell the Rolex, Breitling, and Zenith and buy a Patek 5167. I want to move up a bit but not so sure if i want to rid my wrist of three awesome watches for one watch i never seen in life yet..ugh   This summer my goal is to see a 5167!!
A G-Shock would look and feel amazing on a Nato! I love Nato straps but just make sure you buy a high quality thick NATO!  
is it just the picture or is the Lugs of the watch really hanging over your wrist? how big is that watch or how small is your wrist?  
  This thread is so weird, just weird that when i start thinking of certain watches someone posts about those watches right around the same time.   Last saturday i got to thinking i really am in love with the Milgauss as a daily wearer and was thinking of doing a 40mm Rolex for a work watch in the future. For work watches i love Nato bands and actually was looking into a used Explorer ii or no date sub on a Nato...crazy!   how did you like the two watches? how was the...
Yeah i worded that wrong, haha!  
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