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Still one of my all time favs!! Lately been digging the 40mm size of the Milly but the Pam still gets plently of wrist time!
If you want a watch that holds it value then look at a used Rolex Explorer II, maybe a gmt master or a no date sub..Also a used Cartier may hold its value but I am not educated on used Cartier pricing. I never cared for IWC myself so i never gave them a serious look. The Speedmaster pro manual wind is a true classic, Many collectors actually respect them highly for their history. Another watch to look at is a NOMOS, German in house made watch..with in house movement! ...
I posted two videos of the Zenith on is ok and the other sucks..   nice video of the face, watch it in 720!   not so nice video of the movement..i was smoking a cig and couldnt get iphone focus 4:2something? That says allot for every product they make if the President wears one of the "entry level" models to such a big show. Then again to him all he wants is something to tell time with his family name...   at 4:20 in the video you see the 5167 on the president wrist...NOw i want it even more!!!!!!!! omg
It was an april fools joke I me
I hear you! I still dream of the 5167 often enough! Is this real? I cant check if it is on my phone now.
I always thought that $1.5 was kind of cheap for what the watch is and who would want it..   Some by a large number look at Patek as being the top brand in the entire world, I have asked many well to do watch collectors their best brand in their opinion and Patek was always the answer. Now when you are looked as the top and the best then you know people who do buy these watches will want to upgrade to a better and higher Patek..after all how do you top the Patek on your...
Even if you had the 1.5 you still have to be approved to buy one from the president of Patek also. I heard you have to go to two separate interviews and make it past each of them to be put on a waiting list to even buy a $1.5 million dollar watch...I don't want to imagine how many years you will have to wait after all that..  
Always a Saturday! it is a given norm for headphone get togethers, meets,events, etc.
SkyLab, this year if we are so lucky to go on to a sixth then is there anyway possible we can date 2012 around the game? I don't know College football that well..     Speaking of which...     it is about that time to get Chi-Uni-Five going!!! Going to look at places soon, any ideas on a new place or go with the cafe again? We have I think $900ish for the event (have to check the books....haha).  So we can book a place a bit bigger if we want to blow all the...
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