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This will be updated as time goes on (aiming for every Tuesday mourning starting the 11th)     Friends that are Helping us..   Here is a link To the list of friends and prizes...finally it works!!!       Members attending and gear will be updated as time goes on also.
  For the fifth year..     Post 1: The event of ChiUniFi Post 2:  raffle, gear, members Post 3:          Updates            Yesterday and Today.. For the Fifth year in a row Chi-Uni-Fi continues to go on and keeps getting better. Everyone in Chicago has helped and has seen this event succeed to the next year. With the help of our friends (mot, companies) we have raised enough money from raffle tickets to just keep chugging on.       Day...     I been in recent discussions with others on how much "SWISS MADE"  ETA/Valjioux are really SWISS MADE. Weird part is according to the guide lines a maker can use lots of parts from other China for example. And lots of people are starting to question the movements now more often then before. Who knows in a few years ETA/VAL movements made be looked...
What do you mean by Perceivable value?  
JP and Jude, Was looking to make it out but I will be in Utah the week earlier for a family wedding. HAve fun everyone as a Can-Jam always is! What a deal to get a national headphone meet and a speaker meet together in one! This year looks to be super fun for anyone going forsure!
Room is Booked, i posted pictures on the ChiUniFi facebook page from my phone earlier. I am aiming to shoot for a Tuesday mourning time of posting the official thread! Steve picked a perfect place really! We have our own Entrance and patio with plently of parking close by. Free wifi and plently of space to set up gear. maybe even have a couch and lounge area if we want. Food has not been decided as of yet, more up to all of us to make that choice.
Sad...not sure how but I am. I hope we still see him in key notes, I don't want him to fade off like a one hit wonder. Either way hope the best for his health. How can I be sad over a man I never met?...weird Apple fanboy ways working here!
WebOS is said to be the greatest competition to iOS, I mean yeah there is little app selection and almost no support as of the future we know..but...   But Why would anyone want Android on it? IT is like buying a Ferrari and replacing the engine from one from a Moped. I mean Android has come along way and yes it is going good and all but it still is a mess of a OS today, more like a messy bunch of stolen ideas from other companies not put together all that well....
Bought one from mostly to play with then give it to my brother when i get bored of it. I think HP stumbled on the one way to really compete with Apple and their army. Come out with a good touchpad and sell it for 1/5th the price. If HP bosses had a single brain cell in their heads they would capitalize on having the hottest gadget and selling 700k+ in one weekend...almost Apple fever there...well 1/10 of it. Even if they took a loss on each one in the long run...
Still one of my all time favs!! Lately been digging the 40mm size of the Milly but the Pam still gets plently of wrist time!
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