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I don't spend much time in the extreme cold myself, Maybe just Maybe I have to walk 5 miles to work if my car can't drive out of the garage because of the deep snow in the alley. Those days are rare since i only had to do it 4 times in three years.  I usually can get away with layers and a thick pea coat, as long as my face/head and hands/feet are protected i am good. I find it more of a fun Challenge to walk in the bad weather and last years snowpocalypse  kicked my...
After getting the standard "your library is over 25000" message, iTunes had me sign in then proceeded to scan my library (step one of the three used by iTunes match) of 46600 songs. The cloud symbols also show in my main library.   I am still one step one, anyone else try this?
Your wife is paying that much attention to the Radio in her car? Maybe it is true what they say about them Female drivers!!   Britney Spears usually will have a bunch of left and right channel movement in her songs, like sounds going from the left to the right for example. In other words she didn't her the difference in the mp3.     Instead of upping her kbps why don't you suggest to her paying MORE attention to what is happening outside the car then the radio...
Speaking of which, and you would be the person to ask this to...     What is the going rate for a 1979 Rolex Sub? just wondering..hehe
I would never consider buying a watch from any place that also sells Diesel Jeans..
    stupid i know but i love the look on this kids face!
IS the car being driven an Audi TT?
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