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thanks for the video, bought mine years and years ago. Grado must of seen them and got a deal to make a few bucks a month on their name on it. 
Neutrik xlr  have a lock system where if you tear or pull the cable itself the force lands on the outside jacket and not on the solder joints. This is why this brand is big in pro markets like concert pa and pro stage lighting. In lighting all the data is connected via xlr So if you have a pulled solder joint in one you have to figure out which of the many in the line that is screwing up your rig...this can take a long time!      I like Bluejeanscable for hifi...
Homage is a glorified word for fake, clone, replica.  As far as not having interest in the brand but liking the design is like saying a robber doesnt care about you personally, he just digged your items he took from your house. Militare Marina is a trade mark of Panerai, the backed off hour markers, the crown protecter and case design (sides and lug ends) are also trade marks. Point is don't support the thief, don't be a fake yourself. 
You don't wear the box, I rather wear a real Panerai then a cheap clone....     Then again we talked about this before in this thread so...haha 
Buying the Milgauss and living with it after has changed my opinion of what every watch should be. The use of it from t-shirt and jeans to a full tux, and the timing adjustment twice a year for hour ahead/back. When people ask my opinion of a good watch and I tell them for a few grand go for a Role they think it is the brand why I tell them, and that is the last reason to me why. Amazing watches! 
http://www.head-fi.org/t/580023/interest-check-chi-uni-fi-6-on-june-16-2012-chicago-area-headphone-event   Should be lots of fun!
I don't spend much time in the extreme cold myself, Maybe just Maybe I have to walk 5 miles to work if my car can't drive out of the garage because of the deep snow in the alley. Those days are rare since i only had to do it 4 times in three years.  I usually can get away with layers and a thick pea coat, as long as my face/head and hands/feet are protected i am good. I find it more of a fun Challenge to walk in the bad weather and last years snowpocalypse  kicked my...
After getting the standard "your library is over 25000" message, iTunes had me sign in then proceeded to scan my library (step one of the three used by iTunes match) of 46600 songs. The cloud symbols also show in my main library.   I am still one step one, anyone else try this?
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