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Coolness! Steve or I will call you
The seventh meet is happening on the 22nd of June! Post your interest and opinions on what it should be here.
I'll pick up coffee and pop/water! I have the power strips and extensions from the last event. This is going to rock!
    The RHD is an amazing deployment. Got one for my 112 when i first received the watch years ago and it worked perfect up until last week when a spring bar busted. The watch luckily fell off as i was getting out of my car in a garage, not sure what was to blame for the spring bar bust. Bob includes a extra spring bar with every order and now i am glad.  I ordered two more awhile back for my Lum-Tecs and they worked perfect, great guy he is with a great deployment!
Come to the November 17th event!
Just got home...wow! WHat a perfectly perfect event! SOOOO Many amazing people I knew before and I just met. For people who book the meet rooms and stuff like that I am telling you you just can't get any easier than how Northbrook Sherton deals with you, So easy and laid back. Steve and I finally got the raffle down to a T, like it was a perfect line of prizes going out without any issues. He took the place of announcing this year and I just handed the gear to him. Steve...
So we are going for 2nd event of 2012. Posting interest check now!!! Woot here we go around a second time this year.
Sounds like a great day for a Chi-Uni-Fi and no worries of snow this time..     See you all there
I still have the Name badges, and tickets in my trunk from the last event. The exten cords are somewhere in the garage i think..haha   Everything is set with the room, so its a go go go go GO!!!!   Steve I sleep reverse hours then anyone on this planet, will call..and Yes i am coming. You are so Chi-Uni-Fi! 
  No instead they gave everyone who bought a 720p tv show or movie a free 1080p upgrade for all.   Speaking of having 1080p movies on our phones, ipod, computer, iPad, and apple tvs means no more Blu-ray!      I think the world can wait a bit longer for higher res music after the 1080p announcement.     Only Apple could of had the size and power to talk the tv and movie studios into this one. This is the biggest news of the year by far, then again with the Sept iPod...
New Posts  All Forums: