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Contract is signed!!! Steve i was going to call you but i fell asleep./...
Ray is going. This chiunifi we will be racingOur bmx bikes....Sad part is after all the cigs I smoke he would probably still win. I'm going have to resort to distraction on the track from a few beautiful girls, then again both of us may never make it to the finish line.
Coolness! Steve or I will call you
The seventh meet is happening on the 22nd of June! Post your interest and opinions on what it should be here.
I'll pick up coffee and pop/water! I have the power strips and extensions from the last event. This is going to rock!
    The RHD is an amazing deployment. Got one for my 112 when i first received the watch years ago and it worked perfect up until last week when a spring bar busted. The watch luckily fell off as i was getting out of my car in a garage, not sure what was to blame for the spring bar bust. Bob includes a extra spring bar with every order and now i am glad.  I ordered two more awhile back for my Lum-Tecs and they worked perfect, great guy he is with a great deployment!
Come to the November 17th event!
Just got! WHat a perfectly perfect event! SOOOO Many amazing people I knew before and I just met. For people who book the meet rooms and stuff like that I am telling you you just can't get any easier than how Northbrook Sherton deals with you, So easy and laid back. Steve and I finally got the raffle down to a T, like it was a perfect line of prizes going out without any issues. He took the place of announcing this year and I just handed the gear to him. Steve...
So we are going for 2nd event of 2012. Posting interest check now!!! Woot here we go around a second time this year.
Sounds like a great day for a Chi-Uni-Fi and no worries of snow this time..     See you all there
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