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  Seems like a fun techy watch to buy if you're in the Apple Eco system already. Reminds me of my Tissot T-Touch, a geeky watch you can wear while working out or with a suit. For people who have more expensive watches already this could be something to wear when you don't want to mess up your better stuff which is what i plan on using this for. I love how all the tech blogs are ripping it for not being water proof, silly cats there is no watch that is water proof!
Awesome stuff!
iTunes will do it eventually, they did the same with 128>256 and same thing with movies/shows also SD>HD. Of Course there will be a charge for the upgrade also but i will gladly pay it! All they have to do is release a larger classic (with digi/analog line out) and make a second tier on music match for 25,000+ songs available and they will be any Audiophiles favorite company. 
The dealer is got the deal from was a AD local to me, and evey dealer i walked into locally would give me a discount without much effort on my part. The white Mili is not the hottest seller so yes that helped move the price down also. And don't get me started on Tourneau. Years back i brought my old Raymond Weil into them to get polished, picked it up and they scratched the AR coating just a bit, brought it back and they completely took off the coating saying the watch was...
 When ever some one asks me what decent watch they should buy I just say Rolex, at least you can get your money out close to or exactly what you put in years later. It is a trick with them never really changing the models too much year over year combined with the retail increases sometimes twice a year. Add dealer discounts and an always huge market wanting to buy, you have a recipe to protect the owners financially and them in turn turn more people on to Rolex. I bought...
    Sure I am up for it! Listeningaura said something about making a new logo more for t-shirts i think?    I loved the people who did the shirt for the 2007 national meet, they had this process that added graphic and colors to a shirt without adding the weight of a silkscreen. I don't know who or how to figure that out but I do have a local silk Screen t-shirt place my bar has their t-shirts made. Either way everything is up for discussion about the t-shirt on this...
Here is the interest check thread for the 2014 Chi-Uni-Fi event!       Thanks L-Aura!  Steve the 400's are still burning in, mostly listening to the 600's still though....
                   (thanks listeningAura for the image)     It's happening again..for the 8th year in a row! Post here for questions, ideas and just to talk about the 8th Chi-Uni-Fi!!!!
    YES! as Soon as i get the logo for next year i will post a interest check thread! Thank you so much for the grphic and hope you're enjoying your new prize.
Well? I'm just sitting here listening to my new 400's...i am kind of liking these planar things..
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