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i been practicing 
Guess the movement without looking it up.          
Playing around with the Tamron 150-600mm on my 70D earlier. I am getting a little better at photography but still have a long way to go.         
  Red-Tail Hawk with a bit of Raw working and cropping. It was a horrible over cast day so this picture is good coming out of a 55-250 stm kit lens...I need to lean raw editing better though..   btw Canon just announced their new 100-400 mkii.
Let's go!!!! that is my new hobby actually...haha
That's what i was thinking. I played with the 100-400 but never cared that much about the sharpness. There are rumors of a new one coming in November and i won't be buying anything before then anyway. I will have to rent the 70-300 though, your suggestion makes sense. 
I know you long time full frame users won't be impressed, but I had to pull the 70D kit at the price it is..remember this is my first SLR. For years i have used super zooms mostly Sony stuff for their high fps. Last year i got into photography a bit more seriously learning aperture, iso, shutter speed modes. There was three problems i had with super zooms that made me look into crop DSLR, one is the small sensor can't crop later at all, two is there is no buffer and three...
I don't think you understand Rolex. Comparing the Omega and Rolex, Rolex is what Omega pretends to be. Omega makes nice watches but so does any other brand really, what stands out between brands is their true value over time. Rolex you can easily get what you paid for later on, Omega you will lose a good deal. Their are three different watches in the world. Real Watches are from a long true historic brand that their lowest priced piece starts in about $22k of what you...
Saving up for my first DSLR kit now. Looking at either the 7Dii or the 70D if it is on cheap sale. Going birding with it only, pairing it with the legendary 400mm 5.6 prime. Have rented 70D and 7D with this lens many times before. Can't wait till the 7D mark ii reviews hit, i really want to see the iso performance. 
Many watches can go down to crazy depth but nothing is waterproof, it will break at some point with pressure. I used to have a Breitling Seawolf that could do 10,000 ft. Never did that myself but i did jump out of a plane with it on and we both survived.  Same stuff here. still loving the 112! i need a new strap though, wore all of the others out bad...haha How are you
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