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Heck yeah. All the gear is packed, and I'm ironing my Hawaiian shirt while I watch Top Gear. See you day after tomorrow. Oh and no need to ask if you can bring something, just do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Enraptured34 Oh, the list is endless I guess he's happy. Glad you're enjoying it.
Quote: Originally Posted by plaidplatypus Off topic: Did anyone get to compare the HD800 to the desktop speakers at CanJam? Sure. The speakers image better ... cuz they're in real space. But the 800s cream the speakers for neutrality, and articulation and detail.
Quote: Originally Posted by Todd R Are there any other differences between the standard balanced amp & the ultra balanced amp apart from the modules, that would affect the sound? TR Hmmm ... not really. The relays in the unit allow it to keep the signal paths a little shorter, but realistically that's no big deal. It's mostly the modules, but that's a pretty big difference to my ears. Those 627s are just lovely.
It's a different design, but a good one. Not quite as good as a DPS, but close. I'd guess it's better than the Astrodyne.
Thanks for the impressions. Feel free to post here to enjoy a noise-free environment for your posts.
Phew! That was a circuitous route. Got there in the end though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Todd R Any other opinions? TY? You awake out there? Yeah, I thought the Sloth's comment were good. Climbing behind your stereo to swap cables has me a bit confused. Do you have a "tape out" on your pre-amp? I would think you could use some splitters to send the output from the CD player to both.
Quote: Originally Posted by Raptor34 My HD580's with the Micro have improved immensely. I tend to like the 580 a lot for the money. I'd suggest you try a new cable on them. The D2000 is an amazing headphone---it measures better than any other can we've tested. It's a bit too "fast" for my ears---I like things a little laid back---but they're a great can. I'm probably in the camp that thinks your best improvement is with a better DAC. That and...
Quote: Originally Posted by paara After the introduction of your new HeadRoom Ultra Desktop DAC it is not very tempting to buy a amp with an inferior on-board DAC. Your point is well made, lemme look into it a bit. My guess is that we won't return to making it a stock item, but I don't see us turning down a custom refit with Max modules as squirt suggests. Again, it's not returnable then. I'll get back to you here.
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