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FWIW, last time I talked to Allesandro, he would not sell them to us because that line is specifically limited to pro audio dealers, and he was not permitted to sell to and consumer dealer.
I'd love to hear more folks comments on this. I asked Joe quite some time ago about this issue and he claimed the gain switch position shouldn't make any difference. Personally, I don't here any difference, but I have seen measurements that show a small difference between the low/med position and the high position. So, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a slight difference between the sound in the different gain positions, but I doubt it's very significant.
No worries!
Quote: Originally Posted by markmaxx Tyll, I bought the ultra micro stack from my friend vpivinylspinner ( Jeff ) He won the Ultra micro Dac. at Can Jam LA. (from Headroom) I was with him when he bought the Ultra micro amp. After a quick listen through the new HD 800. He and I were impressed for sure!!! Question:.. what was the source at Can Jam LA. for the Ultra micro stack. Well, they're not ultimate, but they're no slouch either, that's for...
Hi Y'all. Website writing is winding down finally, and we're into refining and polishing mode. So, over the past week I've started to blog in earnest, and I'd like to invite you all over to peruse and comment. Right Between Your Ears I think you'll get a kick out of my latest post on a very cool little audio acoustics tester and building a cheap headphone measurement capability. There are only two types of articles that I'm certain will be appearing regularly for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by 3602 I don't want to open it up and void any applicable warranty. What is the pre-amp chip and power-amp chip inside the Total Airhead? And what is (are) the chip(s) that realise Crossfeed? How does the clipping indicator know that the amp is clipping? You know, these are great questions, and I'm sorry I don't know the answers well enough to comment off the top of my head. But I tell you something, I have been thinking...
The M-Audio transit does not have a built in driver, you have to install one on the computer and then manually change bit-rates on it whenever a track changes. Also the Belcanto does a bit better job of jitter reduction, so it's a nice unit if you've got the expendable income.
Coaxial, because it's specked at 75 Ohms, so one usually uses a coaxial cable to transmit it, but it usually has an RCA connector. USB is really pretty good. Sure there's lots of yabber about jitter and adaptive, blah, blah, blah. For the most part, contemporary chip sets get rid of most of the jitter, and USB sounds pretty darned good. Bottom line, when you say "it seems the USB port may not be the ultimate source" that's true, but it's really only a worry if you're...
Well ... someday it would be really cool to add a DSP crossfeed to the dacs. Ahh ... someday ... .
Try this: http://www.headphone.com/buildAGraph.php I don't know what the default headphone will be though. Tell me if it works, k?
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