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I'm still around here to answer questions when I can. Real problems are better handled by the service department, however. In this case I sincerely doubt the high impedance had anything to do it; our amps drive 600 Ohm headphones no problem. Since it's worked since, I'd reckon you just had a computer glitch temporarily.
Quote: Originally Posted by plonter In the ultra desktop, which is a dac+amp unit, how is the dac connected to the amp section inside the amp? I it connected by sort of a cable, or it is connected directly from the board? There's no "connectors" but there is a connection between the dac board and the main board --- I think it's a header, but it might be wired, don't remember. Quote: the second question and one that always...
We're actually feverishly working on it. We've been exploring some new graphing software and unfortunately it's a bit buggy, so that put a crip in our schedule. Suffice it to say you'll be quite surprised at what's going to happen soon. Say by October.
Generally speaking, HeadRoom gear is smooth rather than strident. I HATE ANY HARSHNESS AT ALL! FWIW, we don't design it that way (we design for neutral), I think our gear sounds smooth because we use VERY high quality parts, far better than most people use in gear in that price range.
Quote: Originally Posted by Raptor34 When stacked, both were very warm. Guess if you do stack them, the amp should be on top. Meh. I like the amp on the bottom for taste reasons. As long as the amp isn't to hot to comfortable handle it's fine. Hot electronics (to a point) work better. At some point though, lifetime degradation of the electrolytic caps is the first issue that crops up as the amp gets too hot. I recall Joe saying something like...
Quote: Originally Posted by warpdriver please include the new Shures! They're in there too. In fact, tere's probably 50 new graphs that'll be up soon. I'll post when they're up.
Quote: Originally Posted by mathmanx I'd hate to ask, but I've been eagerly awaiting for months.... Now that you have them in stock, when are the measurements for the new phones (grado i's, ultrasones, etc.) coming up? Can we vote for priority? (PS1000 > Ultrasone). I'm not intending to be annoying, just eager Thanks! Mike Should be soon, I think they're measured and posting of many new measurements should be up this week sometime.
Quote: Originally Posted by tnili Does anyone know or can hazard a guess if this amp can drive an HD-800 adequately? It does just fine. Not as good as a BUD/UDAC of course, but it's not a missmatch or anything near it.
Quote: Originally Posted by aimlink There's a new DAC in town. A step up from what comes with the Ultra Desktop. It's their dedicated Desktop DAC. This is the one I was referring to. The Ultra Desktop Amps integrated DAC is not the same. Yeah, it's a clear step up from the DAC one the Ultra Desktop, but the price/improvement ratio is probably not worth it. Quote: Originally Posted by auradud3 to be honest i am an analytical...
Quote: Originally Posted by wsilvio All I can say is WOW!!! These cans sound freakin amazing on the BUDA/UDAC combo. Glad you're digging it.
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