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 Stators are defined as the non-moving part, which in PM headphones is the magnets.  They are permanent magnets and not energized by the amp.  The amp drives the circuit (conductive traces on the diaphragm), not the stators.  The improved efficiency probably arrises for a number of reasons (circuit, magnet spacing, diaphragm weight), and likely not just a single parameter.
Here's my take:
 Sorry mate, that's what I heard, so that's what I wrote.
 Your points are well taken. But we must remember that Audeze is only five years old...that's really an infant in terms of companies. When BMW was five I bet they hadn't got it all figgered out. I reckon Audeze will make improvements in their organizational skills over time. They've had to deal with a lot of growth and stay on top of their audio game. I think they're doing a good job so far. But your points are well taken, Audeze probably has plenty of room to
 Boy, I seriously doubt they replaced the driver when adding the Fazor. The Fazor prolly improves efficiency a bit. Not sure, and likely not much, I reckon the mods to your DAC did something.
You guys are over thinking it. It's simple really: I'm stupid sometimes.   I literally had forgot the LCD-2 was on the WoF. I'm going to have to correct things today.    Thinking out loud here: Yes context has changed, but since the LCD-2 is already on the WoF, something has to come along to knock it off. To be perfectly truthful, headphones are on the WoF because I NEED them as a reference. While the category is heating up, and I wouldn't have put them on the WoF if...
 What if you were in charge? What if you, as you work day to day buried in test equipment, discover it can be a little bit better with a moved trace on the diaphragm?  Would you say, "Nah, well just take a note and put it down for a change next year"?  Sorry man, they're just trying to make a great headphone. The world moves quickly...competitors aren't standing still...this is a race, and Audeze---like everyone else---wants to win. If you were in their shoes, you'd be...
Sort of, it makes them more useful with tube amps that have higher output impedance. My review is up on InnerFidelity...I talk about it there. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
Yup. These are the benchmark for price/performance ratio.   No, you won't get 5x the performance with $1500...but you should get 2x at least...and I'm pretty sure we're not getting that on average.   Glad you're enjoying them.
 Indeed. A simple and competent little amp. Lovely.
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