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Do you draw on toilet paper?     Most excellent thoughts, worthy of better, I think.   :P
Music Buff
More than happy to do the measurements.
Yes, I'm here. I've got some Beats Studio 2 in-house. The noise canceling seems better than the old Studio but I find it not as good as Bose.   It's also got some issues that I'll go into in the review that make me think they don't quite have their poop in a group on the noise canceling front.   If there is patent infringement, it's likely a very complex argument on the details of the circuit and algorithm design.   If the case does go to trial, we'll probably learn...
   Huh. Damn, don't really like being right about this one...but it did seem like a sketchy solution when I looked at it.
Saddly, I think I make many of those errors when I post. :(
Thank you, kayandjohn, really interesting work. 
 Ah. I knew I must have been missing something. 
Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here, but are you guys getting 2.5mmTRRS to 3.5mm TRS adapters to convert balanced to single-ended?   Does it do this by summing the out-of-polarity (inverted) balanced signals together to form what would normally be the ground connector?   If so, I think that's a really bad idea. The output impedance of the amp---even at 3 Ohms---will look like a near short to the other amp. At a minimum, the inverted amps will get hot from...
I'm using the AURALiC VEGA DAC. Love it. Don't know about gear miniaturization. Some will no doubt be small and very good, but the convenience of being able to plug in a variety of connectors easily will likely keep most home gear from shrinking too far...I think.
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