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Ha!   You'll be hanging for longer than that. I've just got the latest LCD-3 and the new LCD-2 will be in on Monday. They need to get measured and listened too in comparison with the older vesions I have... ...and then, because there geeks just like you hanging on in the LCD-X, LCD-2, and LCD-3 threads, I have to review the LCD-X and it's fambly relations, before I get to the PM-1 review. And I have to compare the PM-1 with the LCD-2 I'll be getting Monday for a...
Spent an hour or so playing with the 8kHz and 16kHz sliders of the EQ on an AK240 driving the PM-1.   Even to these old ears it was amazingly easy to hear adjustments in these areas.   There might not be a large quantity of information there, but a proper sprinkling of it graces the edges of cymbals and strings and such in an awefully lovely way.   There's plenty of information to be appreciated in that top octave.
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!   You guys are funny.
Just posted my measurements here. 
Okie dokie, here's my measurements.   The first one is the Leather pads, velour on the second. Click the image to get the .pdf           I'll have a LOT to say about these measurements when I do the review, but for the moment I'll draw your attention to the 2 little blips on the impedance curve at 250Hz and 400Hz. You'll also note a rise in THD+noise at those frequencies. These are blips due to a dual primary driver resonance---one is the diaphragm as a whole,...
Over-simplistically, yes. They're more "U" shaped than overly warm.   At loud levels they fall apart in the bass, but at low levels they're gorgeous.   I suspect my recommendation will raise a few hackles...the SRH1540 is not a perfect headphone.                                 Not that I've ever heard one.
 It's because all the closed $500+ headphones I've heard so far are such a poor value proposition. The LCD-XC I heard was far to uneven; the FOstex are far too bright for me. I've got to have a good hard listen to the latest Mr. Speakers and LFF stuff; I haven't heard the headphone you're talking about here.I'm open to expensive sealed cans, but I just don't hear the ones I've heard as being as good as the <$500 cans I've got on the WoF now.
 They really are to bright and glary for me.  And like I said in the review, the SRH1540 is too.The 1540 really does begin to fall apart at louder volumes. But they're so damned good sounding at gentle listening levels I can't stop listening to them.
Yeah, sadly won't get the new cans 'til next week....maybe. But I've got to measure the latest ones to be comprehensive.
 Bummer. I've got to have two more headphones shipped to me for further measurements.  Review delayed til the end of the week....gotta make some more measurements for the review to be complete. I'll have to post something else for tomorrow....I wonder what? 
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