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Have on in hand...quite an interesting gizmo.    John Atkinson's review of its big brother product the Signal Completion Stage.   Assuming it's not terribly flawed I will review it soon.
Yes. These types of attempts are a way forward.   I'd like to see time domain stuff (square wave edges, impulse response, CSD) also.   I think there are closed headphones around now that beat a lot of open ones.    Impedance graph wiggles from problems around drivers goes up to 3kHz in my experience. Sometimes the wiggles come from designers putting pressure on the driver to make it flatter in some regions. IOW, acoustic compensations to control the natural...
Nice. I'll keep up with this one.
  Wut? The amount of noise one might hear has very little to do with impedance matching, and much more to do with the efficiency of the headphone. The P7 might also be more prone to highlighting noise as it's extremely responsive in the treble, and can easily reproduce white noise.
I ALWAYS listen to the headphones first. Heard the zingy highs right off the bat. Same thing with the T1.
Don't remember where I said it, but I did subsequently get info that the HD600 was not going to be least for a while.
 I'm no so sure. AKG K812 measurements. AKG K701 Measurements  Transient response is very tizzy on the 812.  I don't think I'll be reviewing them...just not good enough, don't want to bash AKG though. They look pretty damned different to me.
 That's what I's what the measurements show. 
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