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I haven't come to a "conclusion" in the matter.  I do think there are probably some benefits from the tech, but I'm very skeptical of the science and justifications.  I don't buy the "pneumatic" pressure thing---IEMs couple in such a way that there's virtually no difference in the way low-bass vs. mid-range works, to my way of thinking, anyway.  I'm actually more inclined to believe George Cardas' idea that the size of the driver should match the size of the eardrum to...
Just thought I'd pop this in here. Enjoy!  
Oh man! I just pulled these out of the box to measure and the black wire in the right channel has come loose of the driver terminal.  No right channel.   I can probably fix this if someone wants to walk me through how to get the driver out, or how to get past the mesh to the rear of the driver.
 Getting the measurements of the Wireless cans has been taking all my, that sucked. I'll get them measured today.  Can you PM me the addy to send it to next?
 No worries. Thanks for figuring it out.
 Ha ha ha ha ha! Worry not, we're all idiots from time to time.
Can someone show me where I said anything about the PS500?  I don't remember having ever said that.   In general I think the SR60 is the best value headphone Grado makes, and the 225 the best sounding.    Haven't heard any of the e series yet.
 Sure.  42.
I think I need to say that imbalances in mid to low frequencies in my IEM measurements need to be considered somewhat suspect.  I try VERY hard to ensure a good tip seal in the ears of my head, but it's very hard to be certain. The dummies ear canals are usually somewhere between the medium and small size tips shipped with IEM products, and getting a seal is sometimes very difficult.  When I do see an imbalance (and it's very easy for me to see as I seat the tips with 30H...
Sounds good to me. In!
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