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 Couldn't quite finish it up before Newport.  I'll post it after I finish the Newport show reports. Don't want it to get buried by them. Early next week, I reckon.
There's a lot possible here....a LOT!!!   In fact, in this article I wrote prior to the Lightning cable announcement, I propose that headphone jacks on portable devices might simply go away.   It is the most common failure point on those devices; hand-held manufacturers must hate those things. Apple patented a flexible 3.5mm plug to reduce jack strain when inadvertently yanked out.   In 20 years (and likely a lot less) a headphone with a cable on it is going to look...
Joined Head-Fi on day two.   Was on HeadWize early as well.   Held my first headphone meet on The Audiophile Network...musta been '94 or so. Before the inter webs.   Used to chat with Ken Kantor and Corey Greenberg on Compuserve.   Been around a while.      Plenty of folks joined Head-fi on day one though so I've not been here the longest.
Got a chance to listen to the new Beats Solo2 this weekend. It's much better than the previous one....much.   It's got a problem though: Not enough bass!!!   Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
I found them pretty harsh actually.
 That's actually a pretty good start.  Thanks, but as the saying goes, it's the OP's ears that count. I'd suggest a listen to the NAD VISO HP50...very good for the price.
 Ha. Yeah, saying you were the Asian guy at a headphone meet really doesn't narrow it down much.
 Don't remember meeting you specifically, but I been around this hobby for quite a while now and unusually weird is a pretty high bar around these parts. 
Measuring it with a high output impedance allows the cans to be as undamped as possible and lets the phase swing more easily for a strong response when measured.  Since all the cans are measured similarly, it allows for better relative evaluation.
 I have four kids....I can sing the Spongebob Squarepants song, too.
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