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I've got the XL and will be reviewing it separately.
Sorry. :(
Hi Guys, got the X2 in and measured. One thing to note: It looks like the pad actually has an acoustic circuit in it.  There's a hole labeled "Align Pin". It appears to allow air from in front of the driver to be routed to behind the baffle plate. Not sure what it does yet, I'll probably block the hole and remeasure to see if something hapens.  At any rate, while the pads are replaceable, it would be virtually impossible to replicate this circuit, so pad rolling is not in...
 I agree with your post in general, but not sure I quite agree with this. I think the human auditory system is stunningly sensitive and able to hear things that are in the noise of objective measurements. Our subjective impression of those subtleties is up for grabs though. 
 I do try to characterize headphones relative to neutral (not that I or anyone else really knows what that means yet), so when I say bright, I mean bright relative to neutral and not relative to my preferences. Bias is no doubt likely to slip in there, however. 
 Someone studied it a while back and wrote an article for InnerFidelity....can't remember the title of the article but most of the uncertainty is in the high frequencies. It was with an HD 800 though so placement doesn't make much diff in the lows. With the Oppo I'd say theres some uncertainty...maybe a two-three dB. They're somewhat insensitive to position as the pads are designed to leak, but just today I was measuring the PM-1 with various pads and sensed that sometimes...
I love this book: http://www.amazon.com/Sound-Reproduction-Acoustics-Psychoacoustics-Loudspeakers/dp/0240520092/ref=la_B001JS2MQ2_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1408814160&sr=1-1
Fess up, Rob, you've got sources for reference cans, don't you?  :P
Ha!  You transcribed my whole video!? That's the first time I've seen anyone do that.   Glad you're enjoying the review. I knew it would cause a stir.   FWIW, the Solo2 is the only can in the new line-up that warrants a full review, but I do think the other models are all a step up from previous models.   I suppose you'll be glad to know I'm not done with Beats. I'm working on getting deeper into the company and exploring their philosophy...such as it is.   I...
  No, I think you had it right the first time, but I do try to be fair and balanced....or something like that.  And yeah, I thunk it's pretty funny.....well, weird really, that there were so few comments about this headphone. I think people were picking it up and either heard it sound good....and then say, "No way!" or "I think I need to see an audiologist."  Or they heard it and persuaded their head into believing that it sounded bad. Anyway, more than anything I'm glad I...
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