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Turns out I may be wrong about that.  Here's a link to a "Perceptual Sweep".
Yup. Haven't heard the Solo2 Wireless.
 Definitely happy to do it where you're ready. 
FWIW, I liked the 132 better than the 232, which was a bit piercing sounding to me.
Yeah, you're reading too much into it. The ENIGMAcoustic room was pretty loud, and HiFiMAN wasn't when I was there.  I think the HE-1000 was superior, actually, but it's very hard to make those calls under show conditions.  The reason I put so much emphasis on the Dharma is that it was such a surprise. I've not heard a hybrid that I thought really sounded good, but this one did to my ears on short listen. We'll see how it all shakes out over coming months. Lots of...
It was the Infinity One.    
Difficult subject...Looking forward to your thoughts, Jude.
Be happy to. Send a PM if you'd like.
That miss-match is actually fairly small given the DIY nature of these cans. I thought they were pretty good, all things considered.
I haven't come to a "conclusion" in the matter.  I do think there are probably some benefits from the tech, but I'm very skeptical of the science and justifications.  I don't buy the "pneumatic" pressure thing---IEMs couple in such a way that there's virtually no difference in the way low-bass vs. mid-range works, to my way of thinking, anyway.  I'm actually more inclined to believe George Cardas' idea that the size of the driver should match the size of the eardrum to...
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