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Ha!  You transcribed my whole video!? That's the first time I've seen anyone do that.   Glad you're enjoying the review. I knew it would cause a stir.   FWIW, the Solo2 is the only can in the new line-up that warrants a full review, but I do think the other models are all a step up from previous models.   I suppose you'll be glad to know I'm not done with Beats. I'm working on getting deeper into the company and exploring their philosophy...such as it is.   I...
  No, I think you had it right the first time, but I do try to be fair and balanced....or something like that.  And yeah, I thunk it's pretty funny.....well, weird really, that there were so few comments about this headphone. I think people were picking it up and either heard it sound good....and then say, "No way!" or "I think I need to see an audiologist."  Or they heard it and persuaded their head into believing that it sounded bad. Anyway, more than anything I'm glad I...
Do you draw on toilet paper?     Most excellent thoughts, worthy of better, I think.   :P
Music Buff
More than happy to do the measurements.
Yes, I'm here. I've got some Beats Studio 2 in-house. The noise canceling seems better than the old Studio but I find it not as good as Bose.   It's also got some issues that I'll go into in the review that make me think they don't quite have their poop in a group on the noise canceling front.   If there is patent infringement, it's likely a very complex argument on the details of the circuit and algorithm design.   If the case does go to trial, we'll probably learn...
   Huh. Damn, don't really like being right about this one...but it did seem like a sketchy solution when I looked at it.
Saddly, I think I make many of those errors when I post. :(
Thank you, kayandjohn, really interesting work. 
 Ah. I knew I must have been missing something. 
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