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  Turns out I had not properly installed the black filters when bad. New measurements are up at HeadRoom and InnerFidelity.
Yeah, I wanna see Marv's.
Just got word the other day that there will be replaceable ear pads available for the Pro and Classic.  They are attached with adhesive rings. Don't know exactly when they'll be available, but my information source is pretty good.
 I've got a request in for a second pair to measure and audition. We'll see. 
Kinda just breezed through this thread, but thought I'd put my 2 cents in...   I like the HP50 as an all-arouder, tonal balance is close and detail resolution very good.   I think the Focal Spirit Pro may be more neutral for pros mixing for tonal balance, but don't quite resolve in the treble as well as the HP50.   The HD800 is a great microscope into the details, but its tonal balance is tilted toward the treble to much.   LCD-X may be a nice balance between tonal...
 Say mate, I think you're under a misconception.  Only the FR measurements are done five times and averaged.  All the rest of the IF measurements are done only one time in the central position of the headphones.
No. Prolly just the little one.   Spoiler alert: I think they're worth it, if nothing else but for the interesting audio experience, for the price.
 It's called reporting. Doesn't have to have opinion in it...until I do a review. Actually it does nothing like the HeadRoom crossfeed.
Have on in hand...quite an interesting gizmo.    John Atkinson's review of its big brother product the Signal Completion Stage.   Assuming it's not terribly flawed I will review it soon.
Yes. These types of attempts are a way forward.   I'd like to see time domain stuff (square wave edges, impulse response, CSD) also.   I think there are closed headphones around now that beat a lot of open ones.    Impedance graph wiggles from problems around drivers goes up to 3kHz in my experience. Sometimes the wiggles come from designers putting pressure on the driver to make it flatter in some regions. IOW, acoustic compensations to control the natural...
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