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Measuring it with a high output impedance allows the cans to be as undamped as possible and lets the phase swing more easily for a strong response when measured.  Since all the cans are measured similarly, it allows for better relative evaluation.
 I have four kids....I can sing the Spongebob Squarepants song, too.
Ahhhh, the good old days.
    This is old school. 
Hi guys!   Birgir and Kevin have done us all a solid, and I'm gonna need some help getting electrostatic cans in for measurement.   Really the easiest way to tell you about it is just to point you here:   Looking forward to a bunch of new estat measurements!      Thanks Birgir and Kevin! Imma make good use out of the KGSSSRE.
Probably be sporting an AK240>CEntrance HiFi M8>Oppo PM-1   Portable rigs at 20 paces, me thinks.
 Just to clarify, I use eq regularly for personal enjoyment...mostly on the AK240 as most of my personal headphone listening ends up being portable. (If I'm home and listening, I'm working.) But I don't use EQ for review work as I want to review the headphones themselves.
 Stators are defined as the non-moving part, which in PM headphones is the magnets.  They are permanent magnets and not energized by the amp.  The amp drives the circuit (conductive traces on the diaphragm), not the stators.  The improved efficiency probably arrises for a number of reasons (circuit, magnet spacing, diaphragm weight), and likely not just a single parameter.
Here's my take:
 Sorry mate, that's what I heard, so that's what I wrote.
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