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I actually chatted a bit with the engineer about that mid-bass hump. He said that it's very sensitive. A little too much and it gets murky, too little and doesn't give the bass umph.   I think they did a very nice job balancing the bass.
Driving the X2 with a high Zout amp will be technically an incorrect thing to do. Bass slam will reduce; the impedance peak at 60Hz will increase bass response there slightly, but also make it looser.   That said, every case, both regarding the amp/headphone pairing and that listeners preference, will be different and some people will like the likely overly sweet, yummy result.   I thought it was important to bring up the subject in the review because it's one of those...
 You're welcome, mate. 
  Ha ha ha ha! This thread delivers!  
 I don't think they're too unreliable, I think they're very difficult to interpret. There certainly is room for error in the measurement process however. Measurements ARE measuring something that's objectively there, and are useful in evaluating headphones, it's true though that the listening experience is the central point.
Been re-reading this thread as I work on my review.    Just wanted to say that while the sonic differences between the X1 and X2 are somewhat subtle, they're also very well targeted and the sonic upgrade is significant in my view as a result.   I also want to say that I'm getting quite a lesson with this comparison, the X2 measurements look worse in some ways, to my eyes. But to my ears it's quite a bit better. I had an email convo with the engineer of the X2 and...
Yep, you'll notice I haven't reviewed the LCD-XC either. Haven't done the direct comparison but figure I'd like the Alpha Dogs better.   Oh and the Alpha Dogs have better isolation than any sealed full-size headphone I've measured.   @Dan: Great respect for you, mate. We'll just have to see this differently...one of the beauties of the world.
FWIW, I thought the Alpha Dogs measured very nicely for a T50RP variant.   I've NEVER measured a headphone with 0.01% distortion---though to be fair that's below my acoustic noise floor so I wouldn't be able to even if the cans got that low.   Very few headphones measure below 0.1% on my system.   1% THD is usually considered the point at which it's audible. Even then, it's the make-up of odd/even that count to your ears, for the most part.   The only problems I...
I've got the XL and will be reviewing it separately.
Sorry. :(
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