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I'm interested.
  It was a bit tricky getting them aligned for best results, but feedback from the square wave I looked at while making positional adjustments was pretty clear. I'm going to remeasure---probably a couple of times---to make sure I'm getting consistent results. Fastest headphone I've ever measured, but also has some high frequency ringing and noise that lasts quite a bit longer than the HD 800, SR-009, and LCD-3. I think they're competitive in the category. Review by end of...
It's owned by the same venture capitalist it always has been. Jamey Warren, who I hired as product manager about 8 years ago, is now the CEO.   He's a good guy. The company is finding a new way forward.    I do do the measurements for them, but that's my only relationship other than dropping by to say howdy and scrounging for cans to measure.  I do the same with Todd the Vinyl Junkie re: borrowing cans to measure.   The headRoom measurements are a bit different though,...
Yup. V-Moda Vamp Verza.
  Sounds good.  I've got a big voice when needed, not sure you have to move everybody for me to talk to the crew. Your call. Thanks again.
  That would be great. What ever works for you. Thanks.
  You and me both, mate.  It's taking far too long, but I need to really get it right before I start measuring in earnest.   Ah well, all good things come to those who wait.
D'oh!   here
  That would do it.     I search for my name and "InnerFidelity" most days to see if I can help in some way.
  It's easily seen in all the crud in the impulse response, and in the high THD. I heard it in everything.    But I have to say I'm amazed at how often headphones get tweaked by makers, and it wouldn't surprise me a bit to find out that they've made some running changes. I did measure these cans fairly early on in their production. 
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