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 Yes, indeed, I've made mistakes on measurements...THD+noise is particularly problematic. And thanks, Amos, I do feel the need to continue to improve my work.  It's defiantly nice when people agree with my assessments, I do try to write reviews in such a way that even when people's preferences don't align with mine the information remains meaningful.But it's also VERY important that people realize I'm just one dude with an opinion and contrary opinions may be just as...
 I had the great pleasure of visiting the Audeze factory last Monday after the Newport show to get schooled on planar magnetic design topologies by their lead researcher. It was fascinating. I will be doing another "How Planarmagnetic Headphones Work" article to expand on some of the various configurations work. 
 I think it's ear pad resonance, and I do think it's a real measurement, but it still perplexes me. I've checked the calibration a number of looks good. 
 Neither do I....but there it is.
You bet, always do youtubes for headphone reviews.
 Couldn't quite finish it up before Newport.  I'll post it after I finish the Newport show reports. Don't want it to get buried by them. Early next week, I reckon.
There's a lot possible here....a LOT!!!   In fact, in this article I wrote prior to the Lightning cable announcement, I propose that headphone jacks on portable devices might simply go away.   It is the most common failure point on those devices; hand-held manufacturers must hate those things. Apple patented a flexible 3.5mm plug to reduce jack strain when inadvertently yanked out.   In 20 years (and likely a lot less) a headphone with a cable on it is going to look...
Joined Head-Fi on day two.   Was on HeadWize early as well.   Held my first headphone meet on The Audiophile Network...musta been '94 or so. Before the inter webs.   Used to chat with Ken Kantor and Corey Greenberg on Compuserve.   Been around a while.      Plenty of folks joined Head-fi on day one though so I've not been here the longest.
Got a chance to listen to the new Beats Solo2 this weekend. It's much better than the previous one....much.   It's got a problem though: Not enough bass!!!   Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
I found them pretty harsh actually.
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