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 Nah, I think they're just a bit uneven by design...it's a fairly typical plot shape for the older headphone, but it's bent just right.   Sorry folks, busy week, you'll just have to wait for the next update to see the measurements.
Got these measured yesterday and WOW!!! They're a bit uneven, but they're very good.  Why didn't I know about these? How long have they been available?
  That's not the problem...people just need to be willing to send them in. http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/volunteer-headphones-measurement Ball's in your court.
 I wasn't implying 2.5 Ohms.  Here's what I'm saying: What's the voltage halfway through the voice coil? 0Vrms. Because (in the ideal) the drive signal is perfectly mirrored, then half way through the voice coil there is a point where the voltage is exactly zero all the time. If there was a center tap connected to ground, no current would flow because there's no voltage differential. So, I always looked at it like it's essentially a virtual ground, and you could model the...
 I would say: Guilty as charged. When I first built a balanced amp it was absolutely a marketing ploy to get attention from audiophiles. Back in those days, the hobby was pretty small. I had to rely on sales from audiophiles, and they like "whizz-bang", gold plated, Blackgate capped stuff. But I don't think I was intentionally misleading folks, there were things we didn't understand at the time, the proper distinction between bridged and balanced, for example. I was...
Yeah, the original is much better. Don't get the CAL!2.
The tabs are fairly easy to break, but as long as you're careful I don't think they'll wear out or degrade with repeated removal of the drivers.   I do think you'll eventually break something though...I know I have. :(
   Yup. There's a glitch when the ranges change and AP says there's nothing I can do about it. I would say the THD+noise measurements I take can be quite problematic. All that has to happen is a truck going down my street and you'll see a raise in the THD+noise measurement....damit. It's one of those things that if I change the way I do it, I'd have incompatibilities with all the old tests. I'm going to be writing the interpretation of my THD+noise plots article soon and...
Woah! Sorry, it appears I dropped a bit of a bomb in here inadvertently. The story with Joe and getting a second pair of headphones is a bit more complicated than I wanted to write down, and my short version seems to have given folks the idea that Joe was intentionally not sending me headphones.  That is not the case.  Joe and I have talked on a couple of occasions and he has an internal imperative to make sure I'm evaluating the headphone with appropriate gear. I've been...
 Someday. I've asked Joe numerous times for another pair to review, but haven't gotten one yet.
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