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Thanks for your suggestions, guys. 
I'm curious what you guys think are the competing headphones in this class?   Fostex 600 and 900, T1, Alpha Prime/Dog. What else that sounds really good between $500 and $1000 circumaural, sealed.
Yup. I'm in Bozeman as is HeadRoom. Go visit their store on Main St. downtown. It's fun.   And Todd the Vinyl Junkie lives in Three Forks 30 Miles west of here.    I know there's a couple Head-Fiers around, not enough for a meet though...well, maybe there is, but we haven't tried.   Geez, maybe I should try to have a montana meet. Hm.
Yep. And their internal software is much more challenging. 
 Not sure it answers your question exactly, but I did an article showing the Harman curve compensating a variety of cans.  I think the Harman curve had the treble too depressed, and the bass possible a tad high. But it was a preliminary curve, I don't think they've published a final curve yet.
Don't know what makes you think that, Bigshot.     Glitch, I'm afraid it's quite complicated and not very well studied yet. Both Sean Olive at Harman and Rowan Williams at Philips have told me they believe there are differences in target response at the ear drum between headphone types, but they don't know what it is or exactly why it exists. And if they're perplexed and curious, I'm certainly in no position to pose an explanation.    It's a mystery at this point.
I actually chatted a bit with the engineer about that mid-bass hump. He said that it's very sensitive. A little too much and it gets murky, too little and doesn't give the bass umph.   I think they did a very nice job balancing the bass.
Driving the X2 with a high Zout amp will be technically an incorrect thing to do. Bass slam will reduce; the impedance peak at 60Hz will increase bass response there slightly, but also make it looser.   That said, every case, both regarding the amp/headphone pairing and that listeners preference, will be different and some people will like the likely overly sweet, yummy result.   I thought it was important to bring up the subject in the review because it's one of those...
 You're welcome, mate. 
  Ha ha ha ha! This thread delivers!  
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