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Sort of, it makes them more useful with tube amps that have higher output impedance. My review is up on InnerFidelity...I talk about it there. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
Yup. These are the benchmark for price/performance ratio.   No, you won't get 5x the performance with $1500...but you should get 2x at least...and I'm pretty sure we're not getting that on average.   Glad you're enjoying them.
 Indeed. A simple and competent little amp. Lovely.
Okay. Enjoy!
I think you need to get to a meet and listen to a bunch of really good gear.
 Sweet! I guess I can cross it off my list and move on to something else. :P
I think the main reason it takes a little while to sense whether a headphone is really for you or not is that you have to have enough time for your head to develop its "fuzzy filters" for that headphone. That just takes time. 
 Yup. Pretty much every day. 
Dude, I been doing this a long time. I've used parametric EQs plenty.  There's stuff up there, and it's pretty easy to hear on good headphones.    I listen to headphones quite often with regard to the amount of energy they portray in the top octave.  Lots of hurky jerky measurements in the top octave, and like you say that matters not too much,  but the total amount of energy there matters quite a bit.  I can hear a headphone that's too hot above 10kHz no...
Ha!   You'll be hanging for longer than that. I've just got the latest LCD-3 and the new LCD-2 will be in on Monday. They need to get measured and listened too in comparison with the older vesions I have... ...and then, because there geeks just like you hanging on in the LCD-X, LCD-2, and LCD-3 threads, I have to review the LCD-X and it's fambly relations, before I get to the PM-1 review. And I have to compare the PM-1 with the LCD-2 I'll be getting Monday for a...
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