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Feel free to let them know. I can only ask so many times.
I've asked and they said since it's not available in the US now that I couldn't have one for review. 
I did listen to them again and continue to think they sound quite good. I do think I hear something that I don't in other cans in the treble. whether that's good or bad is going to have to wait until I can get a pair here for real evaluation.
I'd totally be down with that!
 I'll certainly try!
Crossfeed is similar, but the signal goes through a delay/EQ circuit before crossing over to the opposite channel.   Crosstalk is usually not a desirable characteristic for an audio product. I usually happens either because the the left and right channels are physically very close to each other---sometimes both channels run through the same dual op-amp chip. The other common crosstalk mechanism is the power draw from one channel ends up modulating the power supply...
Crosstalk is when you put a signal in the left channel and measure how much of that signal shows up on the right channel.  And vice versa.
What I meant was that CanJam at RMAF works, but it may not necessarily work anywhere. The weird thing to me was that the Ear Gear area at AXPONA just seemed so "normal". I think that from now on high-end audio shows will have a headphone room...or seem incomplete.
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