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Thanks for the plug, mate.  Best link is this so you can see all the stories to date.
Feel free to let them know. I can only ask so many times.
I've asked and they said since it's not available in the US now that I couldn't have one for review. 
I did listen to them again and continue to think they sound quite good. I do think I hear something that I don't in other cans in the treble. whether that's good or bad is going to have to wait until I can get a pair here for real evaluation.
I'd totally be down with that!
 I'll certainly try!
Crossfeed is similar, but the signal goes through a delay/EQ circuit before crossing over to the opposite channel.   Crosstalk is usually not a desirable characteristic for an audio product. I usually happens either because the the left and right channels are physically very close to each other---sometimes both channels run through the same dual op-amp chip. The other common crosstalk mechanism is the power draw from one channel ends up modulating the power supply...
Crosstalk is when you put a signal in the left channel and measure how much of that signal shows up on the right channel.  And vice versa.
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