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  Me too! It's going to be very interesting to see what Sennheiser has done to effect the change. I'd be very surprised if it was really all that close to the Anex mod.  My take is that the resonance problem in the current HD 800 is in the ear-cup geometry. I doubt that's changed much. It seems entirely possible, given the wording so far, that they've suppressed some of the 6kHz output from the driver with an internal damper to reduce excitation of the problem. Putting...
Yay!!!   Can't wait to check these out.
  This should be fun.  Thanks, Mike!
 Need to clarify, sometimes it's not easy to be precise with my words in the videos...mostly done in one take, donchaknow. Professionally, I can't be without an HD 800, so it's the most important headphone to me in my work. But personally, I'd take the HE-1000 for listening pleasure.
This post by Romaz is VERY positive about the Black Widow.   I liked it quite a bit as well---colored a bit like a warm tube amp, but a lovely, lovely sound.
 It was only added after Anax did his blind tests, because he wanted to give it a try.  He said it would have made it even harder to tell the difference....but yeah, the price diff is huge.  Which is why it was not hooked up for all the other listening tests. 
Contest is up if you're interested in trying to win a trip for a listen:
Hi ab_ba,   I'll try to keep an eye out here for questions and such. More detailed info will be posts Monday.   Cheers!
^Indeed! Thanks for filling us in. 
Very glad to hear this.
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