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Yeah, the original is much better. Don't get the CAL!2.
The tabs are fairly easy to break, but as long as you're careful I don't think they'll wear out or degrade with repeated removal of the drivers.   I do think you'll eventually break something though...I know I have. :(
   Yup. There's a glitch when the ranges change and AP says there's nothing I can do about it. I would say the THD+noise measurements I take can be quite problematic. All that has to happen is a truck going down my street and you'll see a raise in the THD+noise measurement....damit. It's one of those things that if I change the way I do it, I'd have incompatibilities with all the old tests. I'm going to be writing the interpretation of my THD+noise plots article soon and...
Woah! Sorry, it appears I dropped a bit of a bomb in here inadvertently. The story with Joe and getting a second pair of headphones is a bit more complicated than I wanted to write down, and my short version seems to have given folks the idea that Joe was intentionally not sending me headphones.  That is not the case.  Joe and I have talked on a couple of occasions and he has an internal imperative to make sure I'm evaluating the headphone with appropriate gear. I've been...
 Someday. I've asked Joe numerous times for another pair to review, but haven't gotten one yet.
 I'm totally fine with folks walking up and saying hi.  Happens all the time, wouldn't want it any other way. And thanks for the kind words, reporting on the show is a piece of cake relative to organizing it, so big shout-out from me to Jude, Warren, Ethan, and the CanJam organizing crew.  Thank you!!!!
 Just wanted to clear a little something up: The Abyss I heard was a very early unit and had a wrinkled diaphragm. That review, and especially that statement, is likely not indicative of current production units.
 You bet. Shortly I'll be posting a video of comments from vendors about what it's like to become a part of this community. The comments from John Franks of Chord are particularly telling. He's stoked to have found his way into the headphone enthusiast community.
  Very cool!  I have to tell you that Sunday planar magnetic panel where only Fang showed up was the highlight of the show for me.  What could have been a disaster turned into one of the most interesting conversations I've ever had with a headphone company CEO. We basically chatted our way through Fangs life and how he got into audio as a youngster. I've known the guy for years, but never heard about his origins. It's an amazing story.
I don't like the Studio2 and feel it's mostly a side step from the old Studio.     I do like the Solo2 however.
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