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There's another video as well.     Hope you guys enjoy the show.  Tonight is now my weekend, I'm off to shoot some pool and drink a beer. 
 Ha! No, you just wouldn't want to read my crap before I've edited it a half dozen times. And I don't like not having a weekend, but hey, that's the way it goes sometimes. Video is uploading now. Text is done, one last read through and links to the vids. Like Dharma says, about an hour.
 I'm using the Moon 430HA  My understanding is that there are VERY few demo units to circulate among reviewers. I was told I can only have them for a week. My article should go up Saturday...should be an interesting read for y'all.
 I used the Antelope Platinum DAC and did audition headphones both in balanced and unbalanced modes. When I did direct comparisons with the MOON I did use single ended because I only have RCA slippers and no XLR splitters. 
Woot!  Looking forward to it.                     And the grits and gravy!
 I've been asking...been told they're working on getting me a sample. I'll keep trying.
They were run in pretty good, Aaron, at least 100 Hrs.
 They're ear buds, and lack any kind of good seal.  Ear buds are the worst of all types of headphone because of it. The PK1 actually measures pretty well compared to other ear buds. 
  I thought they were world-class headphones, but I have no idea where they sit for me in that category...and I think that category has not grown into its prices yet. But that's not the real story for me. The real story is that they did it at all. Yeah, Axel Grell himself told me its really for soccer players. And it's only soccer players, and the incredibly wealthy, that can afford the thing---not your average, or even well above average, enthusiast. But if you're going...
  Me too! It's going to be very interesting to see what Sennheiser has done to effect the change. I'd be very surprised if it was really all that close to the Anex mod.  My take is that the resonance problem in the current HD 800 is in the ear-cup geometry. I doubt that's changed much. It seems entirely possible, given the wording so far, that they've suppressed some of the 6kHz output from the driver with an internal damper to reduce excitation of the problem. Putting...
New Posts  All Forums: