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 Agreed. Even the human voice would be affected by tonal unevenness in the treble by changing the nature of "t", "s", "sh", and "ch" sounds, even though the fundamental tone sung would be far below.
Haven't heard anything yet.
My apologies guys, I just added a paragraph and image of LCD-4 EQed.   http://www.innerfidelity.com/conten...essive-lcd-4-planar-magnetic-headphone-page-2
  Very.  My memorial: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/memorial-grandfather-headphone-enthusiasm
Such is the lot of the enthusiast...but this directed play can still be a whole lot of fun. Plenty of learning to do for all.
  D'oh!  Oh well, I knew they had one. It's called an "occluded ear" head; the mics are right at the entrance of the ear canal, and so won't have any of those resonances. Makes the treble a little less wobbly. I used to use one of those at the very beginning of measuring headphones at HeadRoom. Then I learned if you want measurements that are useful relative to scientific work, you have to use an IEC compliant head. All of a sudden your paying more than ten times as...
  Thank you, and a big thanks to him!  
 Yup. MacedonianHero did that for me. http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/expert-tests-innerfidelitys-headphone-measurement-repeatability-and-reproducibility
 Sure, why not. Tell her I said "Hi!"
 No such thing as a flat graph in the world of headphone measurements. I'm not sure, but those graphs may be taken on the Neumann KU100 head; which is not at all like my head in terms of what the output looks like. Really, you can only compare those measurements one against another. I wouldn't worry about the dip; I would worry if we say lots of variation in the plots from Audeze.
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