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Measurements are up in this post. Not enough ear time to make any definitive comments, but I like them. 
No, i was talking about the sound changing as you slide the headphones forward and back on the head. Not rotation.
 Good to about 17kHz in my left ear; 13kHz in my right. My hearing doc said my left ear is like a teenager.  When I was in the Coast Guard as an 18yo, after all the tests and physical, they pulled me aside and asked if I would like to be a sonar man. My hearing when I was young was good beyond the frequency they tested.  Back in the day, TVs and sonic triggered outdoor lights would drive me crazy.
 It'll take a while to show up, but I'm working on it.
 The preliminary Harman target response is, in my opinion, the closest thing we know as flat in the headphone world. It's the black line in this image. As you can see, the prescribed treble roll-off on raw measurements is pretty steep. The Ether C doesn't have the bass boost, and its peak is 15dB while the target curve is 13dB. Other than that its damned closet to the curve.
 It's a straight down the middle SS amp that's got the balls to drive anything competently. It's an amp that's fair to everything you drive with it, so it's a really good amp for comparing stuff.  It's also got a very low output impedance, tons of power, a competent DAC, and a sick volume control. I trust it driving pretty much anything.
  Mac>MOON 430HA, that's my standard reviewing rig. 
 There's more than a little truth to that, but I do what I can.
Get off the fence, buddy, it's up.
Yup.  Review in the works.
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