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I don't like the Studio2 and feel it's mostly a side step from the old Studio.     I do like the Solo2 however.
 Huh? When did I say that?
I gotta say it, Jude, you do an excellent job on these video previews. Thanks!!!
Just got a pair of these to measure yesterday.
So sorry for your loss. My condolences.    RIP Seth
Right now I think I'd like to focus on bulking up the list of stock headphones, but sometime in the future I might be willing.    Maybe do something like focus on one particular model and see what peoples mods of it look like. Dunno.    But if you feel like it you can contact me next year and maybe I can do something.
Turns out I may be wrong about that.  Here's a link to a "Perceptual Sweep".
Yup. Haven't heard the Solo2 Wireless.
 Definitely happy to do it where you're ready. 
FWIW, I liked the 132 better than the 232, which was a bit piercing sounding to me.
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