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 The A8 Realizer has the ability via its little mic's you place in each one of your ears to copy the sound-system. Then the A8 is connected to the sound system and puts out tones from each of the speakers it is coping including the sub base. The mini mics in your ears picks up on where the sound and tone is coming from and also the rooms acoustic's, therefore coping the sound, position and acoustic's of the speaker and room. Once all speakers have been copied, the A8...
 If you want the best there is for movies or music.Realizer A8 with coping a sound studio like AIX for 5 CH and 7 CH sound system..Most any Blu Ray player that has HDMI out and PCM.W4S DAC, balanced out to AMP.STAX SRM 727 AMP.STAX SR 009 Headphones. This very high end setup will probably best most speaker sound systems. And yes the explosion base will send shivers down your spine.  ss
I have both. WA5-LE maxxed out with WE 300B matched set nos build date 26/1956. Paired with HD-800 and HE-6 Stax-727 paired with Stax-009   The WA5-LE with the very rare combo of tubes is something very special, the music just flows beautifully. However I have this Amp and tubes in storage, because I want to keep these rare tubes as close to nos.  The STAX combo I have along with my Realizer  A8 and speaker measurement done at AIX sound studio, gives me a great 5 CH...
 Yes the chart shows 274A with adapter and WE 274A with no adapter.If you look at the picture below of a WE274A, at the very least it needs a adapter.  However if memory servers, its more than just needing a adapter. Its been a long time when I looked into the WE274A, so I can't recall exactly.  ss
 If memory serves, I don't think the WE422A's work in a WA5/SE. ss
 I bought two pairs of the nos CTL TSRP 6SN7GT many years ago. They were made for the US Navy back in 1942.Very good soundstage, great Hi, low/base and mid tones. These TSRP's really help the EML 5U4G. with adding a larger soundstage and a nice crisp base.  I have the nos WE 300B and one set of the nos TSRP's in storage, they maybe have 300 hours on them. The other set of TSRP is still nos.  The above picture is the guys I got the WE 300B's from.They are the Alabama...
I have tried must of the best tubes for my WA5-SE, the best combo by far is as follows. Matched Pair nos WE 300B (date code 1956/26 week), Matched Pair nos TSRP 6SN7GT (August 1942), new Matched Pair EML 5U4G.  However the WE 300B original and TSRP 6SN7 from the above vintage is very hard to find in a matched set. ss 
Outdoors will not work, no walls.No IEM will not work for HPEQ 1. Not That I know of. I went out to LA to make mine.2. Adding a amp will improve the SQ. Because I use HDMI out from my Oppo to the Realiser and then out via Toslink out to my W4S Dac, I keep the signal digital. From my W4S Dac I run balanced to my Stax amp and then balanced out to my SR-009.3. Keeping everything in the Realiser digital, linear should not make a difference.  ss
  I don't just limit myself to music I also use my Headphone rig for movies. That's why I have a Smyth Realiser with PRIR's from AIX sound studio for any MC audio, like 5.1/7.1 movies.    I got these WE 300B's NOS and they are a match set build date on both (1956 year)56/26(26th week of the year). Nos being measured at 58 these tubes are measured at 79(very strong). I got them from these guys.      .      ss
  I don't get much glow at all from these 300B's, but the sound is out of this world in my WA5LE.       ss
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