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Outdoors will not work, no walls.No IEM will not work for HPEQ 1. Not That I know of. I went out to LA to make mine.2. Adding a amp will improve the SQ. Because I use HDMI out from my Oppo to the Realiser and then out via Toslink out to my W4S Dac, I keep the signal digital. From my W4S Dac I run balanced to my Stax amp and then balanced out to my SR-009.3. Keeping everything in the Realiser digital, linear should not make a difference.  ss
  I don't just limit myself to music I also use my Headphone rig for movies. That's why I have a Smyth Realiser with PRIR's from AIX sound studio for any MC audio, like 5.1/7.1 movies.    I got these WE 300B's NOS and they are a match set build date on both (1956 year)56/26(26th week of the year). Nos being measured at 58 these tubes are measured at 79(very strong). I got them from these guys.      .      ss
  I don't get much glow at all from these 300B's, but the sound is out of this world in my WA5LE.       ss
  That's were I got my SR-009 and SRM-727 at, same sale last year. I like the fact they also give free shipping and are a STAX Authorized Web Dealer.   There web store front said they are out of the SRM-727 in black, about two hours after I placed my order they called me and said they had found a SRM-727 black and they shipped that the same day.with my SR-009s and 009 extension cord.    Marry Christmas to all.   ss
A little different perspective.    As for pairing the SR-009's with a (lowly cost wise) SRM-727. I know that the SRM-727 takes all the fun out of tube rolling and building a amp that will dim the lights in your house. That aside this combo is truly a end of the line combo, at least for me.  Coupled with my Realiser and HQ (5.1/7.1) audio tracks from Blu Ray movies, I have no desired to use my 7.1 speaker system. After having this combo of the SR-009's and SRM-727...
The Oppo 105 has two HDMI outputs, and I think the 103 also has two HDMI outputs also. So imo you are better off using the main HDMI output for video only (connect to display) and the sub HDMI for audio (turn off secondary ch) LPCM (connect to Realiser) HDMI input..  I bypass the Realiser's DAC there by keeping my audio signal digital LPCM and use a glass Supernova 6 optical (1/2 meter) to my W4S dac (for digital to analog conversion) and then use a pair of Eclipse 6 XLR...
I am glad you hear what I hear with the 009's. But for me what was the best surprise was getting the SRM-727 amp for under 2K new and how really well this amp drives the 009's. Now you know why I say this combo is the end of the line for me.    ss
  I have my LF and my SRD-727 side by side on my amp stand. I have no intention of selling my LF #23 and the rare quad set of nos tubes I have in that amp..  I got my 009-727 combo about the 1st of the year when ED had a fairly nice sale going on. Anyway for me this stax combo is the end of the line. Although I must say I am a bit curious about the new redesigned LL, And imo Alex is a great guy to deal with.   ss
Yes I have heard both the LL and SRD 727, I went with the SRD 727.  But that's not to say the LL is not a nice sounding amp with the 009's.  Yes Alex is a very nice man and I also really like my LF.   Anyway I hope you know that Alex is redesigning both the LL and LF, I would suspect that its for this reason why I am seeing more used LF's for sale.    ss
  Yes I know you loved your LCD-3's. When I tried to tell you back in May about this amazing Stax combo SR-009/SRM-727 I don't think you wanted to even hear about it. Now you know why I bailed out on the LCD-3's and rolled the dice on are Stax system back in December.  As Musicman and others that have gotten this Stax system over the last 9 or so months, all say the same thing as you are now saying.    The only thing I would disagree on is what you are saying about the...
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