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You can also try Denon AH-MM200. They are really tiny, comfortable and very good looking headphones. Overall build quality feeling is even better than with their bigger brother mm400. And they can also be easily modified to accept almost every 3.5mm plug (you just need to cut off small piece of plastic ring).   
Yes and there was no sound at all. When i pulled out the plug just a little, both channels were playing, but the sound was weird, unbalanced. These plugs are made in China so there might be a difference between length of the pin (19mm in my plug).
Yes, there is small gap, but only on one side (headphone socket is curved). I bought couple of these plugs and they all are too short to make a proper contact.    
First is 2.5mm, second is about 1-2mm too short. At this moment im afraid there is no 3.5mm plug which will fit to this headphones. Same thing with meze 99. 
Looks better than x3 and x5 but still its way behind e7 and e17 (in terms of style)... How is that possible that one company makes beautiful amps/dac and ugly daps? ;) Anyway, without that grey stain and golden ring it would look much better. 
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