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Depends on what you mean by engaging/forward? I owned HE500 in past and liked it quite a bit.
Less diffuse, in effect a reduction of the width, but more precise localization. Highly recommend against this mod if you prefer the more wall-o-sound effect of the stock HD800.
You gotta stop saying stuff like that, otherwise HFM will increase the price of the HEK to $4K. :-)
Yup, it's different than anything before it so it's hard to compare. The best way to put is if if you like the HD800, get the HD800, if you like the HE6, get the HE6, if you like the Abyss, get the Abyss, if you like the SR009, get the SR009, if you like the HEK, get the HEK.
 Agreed. The Ether is an excellent headphone, on par with the HE-560 where they trade minor blows against each other. The only significant weakness of the Ether, and please take this in a relative context, is the bass. Ether's bass quality is mediocre. Not the most clear, impactful, or articulate. Ether ergonomics are fantastic - probably the best. HEK is in another class though. Clarity, "get-out-of-the-way" character, and speed only surpassed by SR009. Retrieval of low...
 You should follow your own suggestion of listening to both DACs. 
 On the other hand, the lack of damping without the towel might hasten the burn-in process.
 Yeah, come to think of of it, I think I heard a 1.3% reduction in the treble splashiness aspect with the betas after running them for 2 days straight. With the production units, not hearing any change. Maybe HFM burned in the production units for longer? I know they were in a rush trying to get the betas out to people in a timely fashion.
 That's like saying dual overhead camshafts are better than pushrods and rocker arms. It really doesn't matter by the time of final implementation.
0.0 hours on both beta and production units. They didn't get any more awesome with me over time or with burn in. I did learn to better appreciate what they did well by going through lots of different music.
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