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 That's definitely true. The original writeup was again Gen V. Yggy is so much more resolving. Like going from farm league to professional baseball. The scary thing is that M7+OR5 (and only OR5) was already pretty darn resolving.
 Will depend upon the rest of your chain. YMMV If you run an active preamp, you may not notice significant resolution gains. If you don't run a resolving amp, you may not notice significant resolution gains. If you don't run resolving headphones or speakers, you may not notice significant resolution gains. If you run only headphones, you may not notice the imaging precision and depth.  Copied from elsewhere: In terms of modern R2R DACs, there isn't much choice; therefore...
Well, I am currently running Yggy+ECZDs+HD650 (tweaked) in my living room right now.
 Probably not. Sounds like TotalDAC dual or TotalDAC twelve or MSB Super Mega Pricey Edition might be what you are after. The other possibility is to stick caps in the signal path after the Yggy output. Or tap into Yggy boards and build a tube buffer coupled with a cap. The last option would void your warranty by 1000% of course.
 Moffat BassTM isn't really a matter of volume of heft, although that does have something to do with it. It's matter of how the bass sort of punches and propagates toward you (especially with speakers) and how it stops on a dime, and how textures and pitch differentiation can be heard. It appears the staging aspects have quite a bit to do with this. Moffat Bass is in opposition to PCM1704 or to a lesser extent UltraAnalog bass, which tends to be syrupy and ill-defined; or...
Well, there are sort of three Yggy threads, I mean four.
 Gandalf in space. Maybe a device from one of the First Ones in Babylon 5. Or perhaps a prop in the Liberator in a new Blake's 7 if they ever decided to make one.
 Obviously, the designer of the TotalDAC doesn't agree with you. Otherwise why would he offer the d1-dual or d1-twelve? Just so he can charge people more? Stacking the DACs will average out errors, leading to better accuracy, leading to more perceived resolution. 
 You could always find an older AGD Ref 7, a Sonic Frontiers SFD/SFCD (from PCX with warranty) or TransDAC.
Noontec Hammo S headphone unboxing, subjective impressions, and measurements. I initially made the stupid mistake of listening to these from a Lenovo headphone out. This was fatal. So I was under the mistaken notion that these headphones did not sound good at first. I didn't know how bad the Lenovo headphone out sounded until I came home and plugged these in to my Theta/Yggy/ECZDs headphone listening rig in my living room. Wow!, these headphones certainly exceeded my...
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