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Faster than expected. Production seems already at the v0.99's warm up point at 40 hours when first turned on and cold.At least it starts out good. Just a matter of when the real magick kicks in. That is when I'm reminded of vinyl, but better. Will check tomorrow.
Will be nice to see you and catch up.
 Going back to the Thetas, what appeared to be the most responsible for plankton was the quality of the D to A chip, the number of them, the quality of the power supply, the digital receiver, the i/v converter and rest of the analog out circuits. The DSP which was the constant among these DACs seemed most responsible for the holographic staging qualities. The Theta Cobalt I had didn't have the DSP.
Bringing:   Eddie Current 2A3 (custom amp) Eddie Current Zana Deux Eddie Current Black Widow Schiit Yggdrasil
 I think you would be surprised. Yggy is able to scrape off a lot more musical information than I thought ever existed in old 16/44 Redbook CDs. But then again, a decent amount of pop/rock from the 70s and 80s was well produced and recorded. Also Daft Punk sounds better on Yggy. Incredible bass slam and articulation*, separation, precise imaging. These are crucial to techno. There's no requirement for pristine recordings, although I think you get more back from them...
 OK, curse you political machines!
 It's a matter of priorities and not putting the cart before the horse. If people want to go down that route after they've settled the big decisions, I'm all for it. But it's dumb worrying about that stuff beforehand. For example: wondering if Wyrd improves Yggy, wondering if JPLAY works with Yggy, wondering if magic rocks will improve Yggy, etc. I already chucked my magickal speshal Off-Ramp 5 USB converter (Yggy doesn't need it), and I'm all the more glad that I have one...
 Some folks feel that uncompressed lossless formats sound better than compressed lossless formats. (extra CPU processing doing something strange, etc.) Same reason why folks run JPLAY, Fidelizer, use spheshal USB cards, use USB decrapifiers, avoid Macbook OSX / USB because it has a nasty glare, run dedicated linux, etc. I run Windows on a fast dedicated machine with the OS hardened with a Wyrd. That's as OCD I am willing to go, but I totally understand if others are...
I jokingly blamed Tyll about a year ago for all this confusion on "balanced" terminology. Tyll replied with two middle finger smileys. I thought that was cute.
On the vintage Theta DACs:   I've said this before. I do not recommend them unless you can get them for dirt cheap. All the outbidding on eBay is insane. These DACs are ancient and likely to die at any moment, especially the bigger hotter running ones. The ones with opamps might live a bit longer, but be prepared to swap in new caps.
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