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 Now that you are assured, let me cause some doubt :-) The Gungnir can be aggressive sounding with maybe too much bite and harshness when used with certain bright headphones like the HD800. I don't use HD800 that often, and when I use the HD800, I use the Anax mods, so it's not an issue for me. I rather like to hear the bite, crunch, and harshness of certain instruments, so long as there are not artifacts added to it. The Gungnir is definitely a rock arena type of DAC....
 LOL, don't let my comment on the Gungnir dynamics scare you away. I've never fallen asleep at a RL concert or musical performance of any sort. So to me, the Gungnir is accurate in that sense.
Initial Yulong DA8 impressions added to front page and ranked. Still evaluating.
Yes. Gungnir hits hard. One of the hardest hitting DACs in terms of lack of compression on the top scale of amplitude. Gungnir does not allow me to sleep. That can either be a good thing or bad thing.
If you are using USB and not afraid of hard hitting dynamics, get the Gungnir. The DA11 does have a nice stereo width setting for headphone use, so that may be a consideration. Both DACs are on the smoother sounding side without the digital hash. The Gungnir is a little sweeter sounding with vocals.
Hugo comparison to Geek Wave. (I have not heard the Wave):   BTW a few updates to page one. Ranked most of the newer DACs after some discussion with the ninjas. Note AGD M7 USB firmware update makes M7 with stock USB (without fancy converter) now highly worth considering.
Yes, most definitely. I too could live with the Master 7 via built in USB with the latest driver / firmware upgrades. I did not believe it possible, but Kingwa has pulled it off. Time to update the DAC thread.   BTW. I think it's fantastic Kingwa makes his product better instead of bitch and moan.
Upgraded the firmware. Quite an improvement. The stridency, mushy bass, and just the overall feel of "the USB sucks" is now gone. I'm impressed. I'd say it's now the equivalent of a decent USB to SPDIF converter solution. Tonally, everything now seems right.   For a minute I thought it might be close to the OR5, but switching back, the OR5 still kills it though. The USB doesn't have the magic of the OR5 i2s, the nuance, the timing, the microdynamic shading, the...
Thanks, I'll try the new firmware DL.
Last I made an update to USB was with the firmware and corresponding drivers a few months ago. (this link:   This time I only saw a USB driver update, but not a firmware update. I installed the USB drivers and was able to get it to work. I'm not sure it really made a difference from the prior USB driver. The USB is still a huge limitation of the M7. In other words, it doesn't compare to Offramp i2s at all.
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