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Would be good to know if this is possible and which version would be available. Cobold
Does anybody know if this is available in Europe?     Cobold
 This doesn't sound like a tie to me.
+1 for V200. If it is out of your price limit,  think about a used one. Usually easy available in a good condition. Some upgraded from V200 to V281.    If T1.2 is you only headphone the Beyerdynamc A20 is a good option too.   Cobold
I came from V200 to Bryston BHA-1.   I made the Comparision between V281, BHA-1 and Taurus. Taurus in my ears had maybe more detail than Bryston but no pleasure to listen. I sure would have stayed with the Bryston. V281 is more musical and shows more room and fine information to me than the others. Got the V281 end of 2014. Just made the update to the big remote because I think this is the one to keep. At least for now.    Headphones are K812 unbalanced and T1...
No doubt for  me V281 is definetly better than the Taurus MKII. Single ended and Balanced.
 If you want to be close to T1 get the AKT8IE. 
It always has been already:  
So XLR Cable would be different to cutting the original cable and soldering XLR Plug to this?
What will be the price for the extra XLR Cable?
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