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Phonitor 2 has the perfect solution concerning remote control.
A few customers complained, they don't need the USB. But I think nobody meant to pay the same price without the USB input.
  This is obviously only a matter of a bad translation. Funny but the german version is about HD800 not HD300. Just look here:〈=de&limitstart=1#jumper01
For me musical would mean to have the right flow and timing in the music. Otherwise it sounds not natural. ... but I think for Audio-Gd this is neutral and tubey sound is musical
Quote: Originally Posted by newcris The Audio-gd's product portfolio is a rebus for me Agree. The number of DACs with the different options and slightly different prices makes it very hard to decide for something you can not listen to before ordering. I am thinking of ordering an Audio-GD DAC for quite a while already. Always when I am close deciding for one there comes a new one or two...
Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab I can't help with the HP2 clarification - don't have them, and don't ever recall hearing them. For the record, while not overtly negative, I clearly stated I thought the HD800 had better imaging capabilities than the T1. I also stated that the HD800 had the slightly more transparent midrange (although I prefer the slightly lusher mids of the T1). I've also stated above that SOME people will find the bass to...
Now Beyerdynamic has announced the new Tesla1. In stores starting mid-November. MSRP: 880.- euros[backPid]=121&cHash=dd074aff11
I didn't mean Kingwa is wrong. If Kingwa says both modes are the same that is how it normally is for the Phoenix. I wanted to say Ipods amp has a problem if there is a difference.
Why do you always put up a fight? If Ipod hears different sound in the two modes we have to assume there are differences. If Kingwa says there should be no diffences in Phoenix something must be wrong with this maybe only one unit. If that's the case it would be interesting what is the right sound. The other possibility is the volume was not on the same volume and this caused the well known effect that loud appears better.
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