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I have some NOS Philips 408A in my Yammy. Sounds fine for me. Added some tubedampers, too. (Golden Dragon Tube Rings by Duende Criatura - Thermionic Valves - Vacuum Tubes)
hmmmmm - nice stuff
Quote: Originally Posted by Bullseye Check on the first post of this thread. That is why I did it... Thanks. I missed to look again at the first post....
I think I havn't read something about how the HF-2 with jumbo pads, does compare to the GS1000(i) (or PS1000). Has anyone some impressions? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by hughwi Not you again! Look... cant we compromise? If I recable and balance the HF2's will you be happy and leave me and my wallet alone? It might be fine to simply change the plugs. Recable not necessary. As far as I know, grado uses seperate wires to the left and right cup.
Quote: Originally Posted by stringgz301 Question: given the shortness of supply of Blackgates, what is the best alternative B for replacing the main caps in a D10? Given the space limitations, what is the best replacement for the stock D10 caps? Thanks Seems to be a matter of taste. You might have a look at the iBasso OEM project thread > here - MUSE, Elna ...
Arctic_storm bought my iBasso D3. Very smooth and pleasant transaction, fast payment. Enjoy the tiny amp!
BG super E informations - look here Remember to use non polarised caps. Mundorf does use the same method in its top of the line caps (supreme, silver/oil ......). >Mundorf caps
Quote: Originally Posted by jamato8 The 220uf nonpolar and 47uf HiQ are my favorites. I like to use both in Super E configuration even in place of much larger value caps as they are very, very fast, have almost zero ESR and in Super E no real inductance if done correctly. Hey, it's all good. Have you changed your D10 (or iBasso OEM) to BG 220uF and 47uF super E?
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